Marina Gonzalez Eme (Spain)

International Artist

Marina Gonzalez Eme (Spain)

International Artist

Marina was born in Madrid, Spain in 1987. She Graduated from Complutense University Madrid (Fine Arts). She obtained an Erasmus scholarship to study in Wimbledon College of Arts, London, where she discovered one of her favourite places, the National Portrait Gallery.

As paper has always been one of her preference materials, she decided to start studies on Illustration as another way to continue developing her drawing skills. Currently Marina is broadening her perspective, blurring the line between drawing and painting.





I’m interested in the representation of women’s body, and often I use self-portrait as a way to break the stereotype of beauty. I rely on my feelings and experiences, so everything is related to female sexuality and my relationship with my own body.

Also I need to express human emotions in a powerful way, whether kindly or aggressively.

I feel the line as an essential tool for my ideas come into reality.
It allows me to enjoy creating detailed areas of face but also smashes it with violent strokes.

One of the most important things for me is to get totally involved with what I do and to be honest the only way to do this is throwing myself into every artwork.
It probably gives me the satisfaction that I’m looking for and it may be reflected in my artwork.
This is the reason because I draw and it’s my big inner struggle too.
When a woman draws a woman, they are joined with complexity threads. The inspiration that guides me when I look at her naked body turns into a pleasant comprehension of all of her proportions.
Each of my drawings has a slight self-portrait nuance.
I love drawing extraordinary women. They are out of limits because they are be able to break down stereotypes.
They are proud of being natural and strong.
I hope to convey the intense admiration I feel for ‘my women’; I would wish for myself their strong self- confidence.



2011-2014   Associate Degree in Visual Arts and Design, Illustration Major, Escuela Arte 10, Madrid
2010-2011   Erasmus Scholarship, Bachelor of Fine Art, Honors, Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts, London
2005 – 2011 Degree in Fine Art, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Blank, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

Group Exhibitions

2016 HAPPY, Hosted by 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace at Sofitel Gold Coast, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
2016 Directors Choice #2 Group Exhibtion, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Australia

2015 Fantasía Grotesca, Café Molar, Madrid SPAIN

2013  Y aquel pez que voló…, Escuela Arte 10, Madrid SPAIN

2011 7112 Miles, Vyner Street Gallery, London UK


2016 “Horror Vacui”, Supersition Issue, Kult Magazine, Singapore

2016 “Shakespeare’s New Roles”, Iberia Excelente Magazine, April Issue, Ink Global

2015 “Os Homens Nunca Saberao Nada Disto”, Pat R

2015 “The Dinner Party of your Dreams”, Iberia Excelente Magazine, Feb issue

2014 Dirty M, Chucherías de Arte Ediciones, Spain


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