I am interested in expressing intense and deep emotions. I usually do it through portraits or the representation of the female body, but always trying to avoid stereotypes of beauty and objectification. I like to draw women who show their vulnerability and strength at the same time. Natural and powerful women. I use drawing and painting as an escape route to release feelings. I enjoy analyzing in detail that part that makes us so human and so irrational. I magnify the sensations and capture them in works looking for the maximum expression through strokes and intense colors.

Any idea ends up showing through the naked body, with nothing to hide. My attention is focused on everything we hide behind our appearances, beyond aesthetics, fashion, race or social class. I am only interested in what we feel, emotional complexity, vulnerability, pain, strength, sadness, self-esteem, sexuality, instincts. I like to show that struggle that, in one way or another, we all carry inside.



2011-2014 Degree in Visual Arts and Design, Illustration Major, Artediez Art School, Madrid, Spain
2010-2011 Erasmus Scholarship, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK
2005-2011 Bachelor’s Degree Fine Art, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain



2017 Black, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Blank, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Qld, Australia





2021 Ellas, CSC José de Espronceda, Madrid, Spain
2019 Threesome, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Qld, Australia
2018 A medias tintas, Bacanal Café, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Secret Loft, The Loft Hostel, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Art Emergent Sabadell, Academia de Belles Arts Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Happy, Sofitel Gold Coast Hotel, Qld, Australia
2016 Directors Choice #2, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Qld, Australia
2015 Fantasía Grotesca, Café Molar, Madrid, Spain
2013 Y aquel pez que voló, Artediez School of Art, Madrid, Spain
2011 7112 Miles, Vyner Street Gallery, London, UK



2021 Nasaya and Maro, Album artwork, Foreign Family Collective
2019 Mandala, W Ibiza Hotel, Marriott International, Ibiza, Spain
2019 Hola tú a mi no me conoces, Club de Creativos, Barcelona
2018 Only lovers left alive, W Ibiza Hotel, Marriott International, Ibiza, Spain
2017 90th Anniversary, Iberia Airlines Excelente Magazine
2017 Wall mural, The Loft Hostel, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Nuz Magazine, 02 Issue, Japan
2017 Pinche Chica Chic, 06 April Issue, Mexico
2016 Petaluma, Album artwork, California, USA
2016 Kurt Magazine, Superstition Issue, Singapore
2016 Shakespeare’s New Roles, Iberia Airlines Excelente Magazine
2015 Os Homens Nunca Saberão Nada Disto, Pat R, Portugal
2015 The Dinner Party of your Dreams, Iberia Airlines Excelente Magazine
2014 Aerostático Grotesco, 02 Issue, Ediciones Aerostáticas, Madrid, Spain
2014 Dirty M, Chucherías de Arte Ediciones, Spain



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