A hidden gem. The curation of work is captivating...

The space is fresh and well laid out, with a balance of various artists and styles...

A place that takes you on a journey...

The art was outstanding in both quality and variety. An inspiring visit...

Amazing place. Beautiful space...

Get to know Terri Lew – Gallery Director 

19 Karen was first established by Terri Lew in 2008 with the express purpose of promoting and nurturing talented emerging artists that were not being represented by mainstream commercial galleries. Fast forward to 2021 with this dream firmly realised, and 19Karen has seen many of these artists move on to become successful and sought after by renowned art galleries and collectors alike.

After selling her successful tourist magazines Terri Lew was not quite ready to retire, and as an art collector for 35 years and married to an artist for 20, she was eager to embark on a new venture and her lifelong dream to open a Contemporary Art Gallery.

Today, more than 12 years later, Terri remains passionate about discovering innovative emerging artists who show exceptional and diverse talent that breaks new ground within the arts, and that has the ability to shock or excite viewers, something modern consumers call for.

Terri chooses art that reflects her own personal taste, with simple advice for anyone buying art:


“Buy art that you love.

If you can’t walk away from it or you keep thinking about it, it means that you have already committed to it emotionally.

This is what art does to you. Buy art that reflects your taste, your mood and your personality.

There are no guarantees when investing in art, just as there are no guarantees in life generally.

But the joy you will receive from living with art that speaks to you, is always guaranteed to be money well spent.”


–   Terri Lew –



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