A gallery with a personality like none other.

A hidden gem. The curation of work is captivating...

The art was outstanding in both quality and variety. An inspiring visit...

19 Karen holds an impressive collection, with a significant variety of styles executed with excellent technical ability.

A place that takes you on a journey...

I came in today and was absolutely blown away by the amazing pieces that were in your space. I did not expect to pass by an art gallery today but beyond happy that I did because all the artworks were absolutely incredible and it was such a surprise. Truly a hidden gem!

Amazing place. Beautiful space...

What a wonderful space & quality art. I have wall envy!

The space is fresh and well laid out, with a balance of various artists and styles...

The Space

The Gallery spans 700 square meters (7530 square feet) and is divided into six interconnected exhibition spaces, each one differing in size and configuration, providing several individual alcoves for clients to meander through. The large, carpeted stockroom is air conditioned both for comfort and to preserve the integrity of the art. It was purpose built to house the overflow of stock with both walls and floors housing the balance of work that is not currently exhibited in the gallery.

At the forefront of the 19Karen ethos is to provide visitors with an immediate sensory and awe-inspiring experience upon entry, one that is full of colour and contrast, texture and
tactility, culture and community, and above all cutting edge beauty. We take great pride in successful achievement of that.  19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, including The Directors Private Gallery is open to the public during business hours.

The Art

The gallery currently represents over ninety local and international artists of various contemporary styles and genres from Urban and Street art, Pop art, Expressionism, Contemporary Figurative, Abstract, Realism, Surrealism and Pop Surrealism and anything in between – all seamlessly enmeshed into one massive white warehouse structure complete with high raked ceilings and haloed in natural light.







Get to know Terri Lew – Gallery Director 

As Gallery Director, Terri Lew tends to get a consistent mention on our various media platforms. Many of you, whether our local or international clientele, would no doubt feel you know Terri due to the personal approach to her work that she shares generously both with in-house visitors and through social media. What I can tell you about Terri Lew is just that – she is very generous both with her time, energy, and knowledge. In fact, in this day and age rarely have I found someone with such congruent professional and personal integrity. Yes, 19 Karen is a business, but Terri has created an ethos around here that is simply an extension of who she is as a person.

For 19 Karen die-hards you all know that Terri only represents artists whose work she would buy herself, and often does. A quick spin around her personal collection is like flipping through the pages of a memoir of The Life and Times of 19Karen. She is not dictated by the market as much as her own compass, she doesn’t restrict collector access to work based on an unsubstantiated collection; art is for everyone, and she doesn’t work with people who do not reflect the same commitment to and passion for their work that she does.

Written by Monique Di Russo – Gallery Assistant and Creative Writer

“Buy art that you love.

If you can’t walk away from it or you keep thinking about it, it means that you have already committed to it emotionally.

This is what art does to you. Buy art that reflects your taste, your mood and your personality.

There are no guarantees when investing in art, just as there are no guarantees in life generally.

But the joy you will receive from living with art that speaks to you, is always guaranteed to be money well spent.”

–   Terri Lew –


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