David Thomas (USA)

International Artist

David Thomas (USA)

International Artist

David Thomas was born to a US military family in Germany in 1989. David relocated several times through his youth and in 2012 received his bachelors from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa. David began painting in the months that followed the death of his sister, Michaela, in 2009, when words failed him; the catharsis he needed only came when he was painting, so he devoted himself completely to his craft.

What David aims to do with his work is to pour his anger, loneliness, ecstasy, and darkness into dramatic symbolism that blurs the edges of these feelings until they are somewhat universal. Marking his unique style is David’s use of fingerprinting. Each of his works displayed at 19 Karen incorporate this unusual technique that David believes enhances his connection to the painting and the material.




I was born in Germany to a military family in 1989. I traveled the world as a child because of this, finally settling down in rural Nebraska and attending Briar Cliff University, where I attained my BA in Studio Art and minor in Art History, studying under Jeff Baldus and Nan Wilson. Post Graduation, I moved to Florida and worked with Derek Gores for a years time, and am now currently residing and working in New Haven, Connecticut.

I discovered my fingerprinting technique shortly after arriving to new haven as an abstract element to add to paintings, but soon became obsessed with them, painting vast field of fingerprints in an abstract grid. Slowly these grids began taking human form. Without the brush I have a more tactile relationship with my materials and subject matter.

The fingerprints themselves speak to identity and to all of the individual identities that have shaped us along our paths, putting their stamp on us, so to speak. We are not one identity, but an ever changing ever growing group of identities that we have encountered and learned from, the collective of these becomes something unique and fleeting. Genetic and relational pixels that make up the picture of who we are.


There is a certain personal serenity that comes through monotony or repetition in my work; this obsessive style is what I use to let my mind wander freeing my hand to work naturally. This mindlessness allows me to create images that are simultaneously outside of myself and a self-narrative. I draw influence from art noveau, pop, and surrealism. The themes I explore in my work are mortality and a fascination with the arcane, the power dynamics inherent in relationships, and a glorifying of the mundane through idolatry. These influences coalesce and are examined through the lens of pop surrealism and though my style of fingerprinting.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 APR “Impermanences”, Minus Space, New York City, USA

2016 MAR “When a Still Painiting Shows Us That We Are Moving And Other Works”, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne, AUS

2014 MAY “When Two Directions Become All Directions”, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne, AUS

2014 “When Two Directions Become All Directions”, Conny Dieztschold Gallery, Sydney, AUS

2014 JUN “Genetic Pixelization”, Spinelli Galleries, Chelsea, NYC

2013 JUN “Dialogue Farbenfreunde”, Raum 2810, Bonn, Germany
2013 JUN “AUTOFLUX”, EGAD! Art Lab, Melbourne, FL
2012 MAR “This Violent Sleep”, Clausen Art Gallery, Sioux City, IA

2012 “Timelines, Colour Fields”, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, AUS

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 AUG “Westfarbe”, Raum 2810, Bonn, Germany

2015 DEC Aqua Art Miami, Derek Gores Gallery in association with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Miami FL

2015 AUG “Concrete Posts 3”, Raum 2810, Bonn, Germany
2015 JUN “Cross-Atlantic Visions”, MZUrban Art, Chelsea NYC
2015 JAN “Surreal Salon 7”, Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
2014 AUG “Summer Small Works Show”, Chelsea27 artspace, Chelsea NYC
2014 JUL “Implicit Messages”, Chelsea27 artspace, Chelsea, NYC
2014 JUN “Grand Opening”, Joseph Reed Gallery, Norwalk, CT
2014 MAY “Select Fair”, New York City, NY
2014 MAR “3rd Year Anniversary”, FTS Gallery, Stratford, CT
2014 MAR “A Beautiful Crime”, Read’s Art Space, Bridgeport, CT
2014 FEB“Nude Nite”, Orlando, FL
2014 FEB “Love Haven”, Trolley Square, New Haven, CT (curator)
2013 OCT “Parti De L’art”, Trolley Square, New Haven, CT
2013 MAR “Pollen8”, EGAD! Art Lab, Melbourne, FL
2013 FEB “The Machine”, EGAD! Art Lab, Melbourne, FL (co-curator)
2012 DEC“A Wake for the Old World… Awake for the New!”, EGAD! Art Lab, Melbourne, FL
2012 NOV “Without Darkness There is No Light”, Open Mike’s, Melbourne, FL
2012 SEPT “Something to Talk About”, Art Gallery of Viera, Viera, FL
2012 AUG “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, EGAD! Art Lab, Melbourne, FL
2012 AUG “Brush with Success”, Art Gallery of Viera, Viera, FL
2012 JUN 2012 “Edge of the Outback”, Art Vault, Mildura, Australia Awards


2015 DEC “Rites of Release”, Melbourne FL
2015 MAR “The Nature of Things”, New Haven CT
2015 MAR “Eyes”, New Haven CT
2015 JAN “Hands”, New Haven CT


2012 Winner of the Dorothy Collins Scholarship for excellence in art
2012 Winner of the Myriel Boes Art Scholarship
2012 Winner of the Briar Cliff University Excellence in Art award


2015 MAR Featured on cover and inside New Haven Magazine
2014 JUN Featured on thenewyorkoptimist.com
2012 MAY Featured in “The Briar Cliff Review” arts magazine



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