Carlos Quiralte is an Andalusian painter and musician. Graduating as a composer and percussionist, his artistic prowess is vast, ranging from painting and music, to land-art, installations, poetry and discourse concerning art philosophy.

Quiralte’s work is decisive with a high-contrast aesthetic and involves a practice in which creative development is favoured over the artistic outcome. What results, is an eclectic body of work that moves between new-figuration and expressionism, art-brut, poor art and colour application derived from fauvism. The artist’s work is paradoxical. It is vivid and harbours a simplicity akin to innocence, but forbodes brash and wisdom of something far more universal.

Quiralte has exhibited in galleries in Madrid (Lobbyart Gallery-Nagare art), Dublin (Hang Tough Contemporary), Barcelona (ArteVistas Gallery), Rome (Loosen art) and museums in Cuenca, Spain (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo: MAC Florencio de la Fuente). The artist works directly with Granada Gallery in Madrid and his work can be found in private collections in Hollywood, Brussels, London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Barcelona and Netherlands.



2023, Solo Exhibition, Mados Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2022, Group Exhibition, Cordoba, Spain

2022, Artistic Days, Marcos Redondo Conservatory, Spain

2021 Solo Exhibition, Winter Days, Hard Tough Contemporary, Dublin

2021 Residency & Solo Exhibition, Florecnia de la Fuente Museum of Contemporary Art, Valnecia, Spain

2021 Solo Exhibition, “Sobre cómo vivimos y cómo podríamos vivir” (How we Live and How We Might Live), Spain




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