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Johnny Romeo - Street Art Exhibition

Exclusive to Gold Coast City Gallery, Signs of the Time is an exhibition of street art by world-renowned, national and local artists. This Gallery-curated exhibition features an impressive selection of artwork from both private collections and newly commissioned artwork. Including urban artist Johnny Romeo, the exhibition explores how street art reflects our society, times and culture.

PAIN/TING – Open Walls Gallery – Berlin, Germany An International Group Exhibition about Pain curated by artist Juan Arata. Featuring: Ben Sheers, Blo, Clare Toms, Dan Withey, Danny Figueroa, Esther Erlich, Filthy The Bear, Go Suga, Guim Tió Zarraluki, James Bullough, James Reka, Jason Bryant, Jaybo Monk, Jennifer Mondfrans, Johnny Romeo, Juan Arata, Kate McCarthy, […]

RED Expressionism Group Show Images from opening night of our group show: RED – Expressionism – at the Sofitel Gold Coast on Friday 1st May. Featuring: Richard Denny, DAIN, Go Suga, Jon Stucky, Juan Arata, Helen Holmes, Jessica Watts, Johnny Romeo, Kate McCarthy, Carolyn O’Neill, Carole King, Roy Wilkins, Richard Blundell, Helen Oprey, Okuda, Stikki Peaches […]

Group show at the Sofitel Gold Coast- A tribute to Michael Jackson’s 10 Best Film Clips Participating Artists: Anne Smerdon, Auguste Blackman, Beck Wheeler, Carole King, Dana Ellyn, Elisa Pettenon, Jacqui Doran, James Freiberg, Jason Bryant, Jessica Watts, Johnny Romeo, Kate McCarthy, Kelly Sullivan, Kris Abigail Atienza, Matt Sesow, Masha Vereshchenko, Melissa Read-Devine, Michaela Kloeckner, […]

Homage to Hollywood – Group Show Featuring: Anne Smerdon, Bernd Riebe (Germany), Carmel Debreuil, Clare Toms, Jacqui Doran, Jason Bryant (USA), Jennifer Mondfrans (USA), Jennifer Murray (USA), Johnny Romeo, Juan Arata (Germany), Juliet Foxtrot, Kate McCarthy, Masha Vereshchenko (USA), Peter-John de Villiers (Norway), Ray Paul (USA), Rebecca Murphy, Sarah Beetson, Xenia Marita Riebe (Germany), Yuki Crawford Photography: […]


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