Artist Fabio Saturnino da Silva, or “Salmos” as he is known, began his trajectory into the professional art scene in the late nineties in São Paulo, Brazil.

The distinctive features of his work are the amalgamation of graffiti elements typically used in urban art and iconic cartoon characters of his formative years.  These unusual teaming suggests a nostalgia and innocence from childhood, however the artist regularly crafts these recognisable characters absent of eyes, a symbol, he says, of the loss of virtue that comes with maturation and exposure to the social issues we witness as we grow up. Without eyes the individual has a chance to retain the magic of childhood.

Salmos creates work with vibrant colours, a metaphor for the happiness these drawings incite in us in childhood. He is an established artist, with his work found around the globe in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Philippines and Uruguay and Europe.

He has exhibited work in a solo exhibition New York and group exhibitions also in New York, Germany and the Philippines.



2021 Solo Exhibition, Waluso Gallery, London
2016 Solo Exhibition, Martinez Gallery, New York, USA


2020 Group Exhibition, 19 Karen Contemporary Gallery, Australia
2020 Group Exhibition, Expoarte São Paulo, Brazil
2019 Group Exhibition, The Secret Fresh Gallery, Philippines
2019 Group Exhibition, Co-lab Gallery, Germany
2018 Group Exhibition, Martinez Gallery, New York, USA



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