It is the 21st century.  We are inextricably connected to technology.  The computer has made us all designers, fashionistas, philosophers, photographers, writers, master-chefs and singers.  And yes, everyone is an artist (or an art critic).

With the art, come statements and words that can hold more power than the actual work, and convince the reader what and who is good (most likely as good investment).  When did art become about the exercise of writing/reading about it, rather than producing and interpreting it?

Have we lost connection to individuality, nature and craft?

Patrick McMahon’s painting is neither steeped in issue, nor deconstructed by aid of a computer application.  It does not need screeds of information to validate it.  Unapologetically, his work is about feelings and is borne from decades of hard labour, life experience and learning about what nature and paint do (when they meet each other).

His catch cry in the 80’s was, ‘Colour and Movement!’, and explains as much about his personality and his intuitive art practise, as his relationship to ‘nature’.  Patrick explains:

“At heart, I am inspired by the process of making art.  I endeavour to capture, entertain and maintain the viewer.  My work is inspired both by the colour and geography of the landscape, and our relationship within that arena.  This inspiration can emerge from the actual colour within the natural environment; such as the screeching colour of a volatile bush/rainforest habitat or the complexity of colour and pattern within an opal.

Human impact and connection to space and ‘Mother Nature’ can stem from how we place ourselves within this colour and movement.  The colour that First Nation Peoples adorn themselves, their houses and local environments with, is of particular interest to me.”


1980 East Sydney Technical College [National Art College] – Art Diploma
1984 East Sydney Technical College – Certificate of Ceramics
Artist Director for Royal Queensland Art Society (RQAS) Gold Coast



2017 Colourscapes, 19 Karen, Gold Coast QLD
2013 Mignon Sticha Wall RQAS, Gold Coast QLD (Paintings)
2003 Nash Theatre, Brisbane QLD (Paintings)


2019 Director’s Choice Exhibition, 19 Karen, Gold Coast QLD
2016 General Exhibition, 19 Karen, Gold Coast QLD
2013 Fix8 Gallery, Freshwater Sydney NSW (Paintings)
2010 Kick Arts Gallery, Cairns QLD (Paintings)
2009 Kick Arts Gallery, Cairns QLD (Paintings)
2008 Kick Arts Gallery, Cairns QLD (Paintings)
2005 Karnak Playhouse Theatre, Mossman QLD (Paintings)
1998 Karnak Playhouse Theatre, Mossman QLD (Paintings)
1995 Karnak Playhouse Theatre, Mossman QLD (Paintings)
1985 Hargraves Gallery, Paddington Sydney NSW (Paintings)
1983 Bondi Pavilion Gallery, NSW (Paintings and Sculpture)
1980 Australian National University, ACT (Photography)

Regular shows at

Royal Queensland Art Society, Gold Coast Branch QLD
Serpentine Gallery, Lismore NSW
Monets Garden Gallery, Gold Coast QLD


2018 Highly Commended – Border Art Prize
2016 Finalist – Border Art Prize
2015 Highly Commended Landscape – The D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards
2013 First Prize Abstract – Big Art Award, Royal Queensland Art Society (RQAS)
2012 First Prize Landscape / Seascape – Big Art Award, Royal Queensland Art Society (RQAS)

Patrick McMahon paintings are also held in numerous private collections.


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