Artist Biography

Jean-Baptiste Launay, better known as Jisbar, is a French pop-street artist born in 1989. He lives and works between Paris and Lisboa.

Jisbar is famous worldwide for being among the first artist to reinterpret classical art masterpiece figures with his personal and modern style of pop and street art. This striking blend of influences shaped a clear and unique identity that inspires a lot of artists and brands across the world today. Each artwork surpasses the idea of a simple remake as it is enriched with words, slogans, numbers and codes that helps create a new story to decrypt. It challenges every person who looks at it to find their own clues by focusing on every single detail. The abundant signs generate new angles inside which the spectator finds new elements and interpretations every time they look at the painting.

From San Francisco to the Gold Coast, from Teipei, Venice or Paris to London, Jisbar’s work is shown in many galleries all over the world. You can also find his art in well-known museums such as the Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi or the National Museum for the History of Immigration in Paris. In the Parisian museum, Jisbar introduced his piece “Love is the New Fame” to the then President of France François Hollande during an art exhibition condemning racism and antisemitism.

Jisbar is also known for his performance when he paid tribute to Leonardo da Vinci on the 500th anniversary of his death. Jisbar sent a new version of his reinterpreted Mona Lisa into space. The painting hovered 33.4 km above Earth for over an hour and a half. On this occasion he became the first ever artist to achieve this performance. His technical exploit was widely applauded though international media coverage.

His various collaborations with renowned brands such as BMW, Armani, LG, IKKS and even the World MotoGP champion Fabio Quartararo are also world famous. and he has contributed to create unique experiences on every one of these occasions!

As a committed artist, Jisbar takes action every year to help universal causes such as the protection of the environment and the fight against racism. He participated in the #RaceAgainstCovid campaign organized by Ducati and donated his piece “Ducati Mona Lisa” at a charity auction to raise 170.000€ for the Sant’Orsola Polyclinic hospital in Bologna.

More recently he donated a new painting to the Téléthon, the 30-hour French charity event that takes place in early December every year to raise funds for neuromuscular diseases research.


Solo Exhibitions

2023 Mykonos Summer, Eden Gallery, Mykonos, GREECE
2023 London Art Week, Eden Gallery, London, ENGLAND
2022 Unwrap, Sis’art Gallery, Venezia, ITALY
2022 La Joconde Exposition Immersive, Musee Du Louvre Marseille, FRANCE
2022 GQ Festival, Taipei, TAIWAN
2022 Evolution, OA Fine Art, Paris FRANCE
2022 Good Vibration, Galerie Art Time, Abidjan
2021 Jisbar on Stage, Place du Tertre, Paris FRANCE
2021 La Colomba, Sist’ Art Gallery, Venice ITALY
2020 First Painting in Space, Galerie Montmartre, Paris FRANCE
2020 Holy Art, Sist’ Art Gallery, Venice ITALY
2019 Iconoclaste, Miaja Gallery, Singapore
2019 References Reworks, Eye Food Factory, Lausanne SWITZERLAND
2019 Jisbar’s Playground Exhibition, So Sofitel, Bangkok THAILAND
2018 Sist’ Art Gallery, Venice ITALY
2018 Jisbar, Gallery 444, San Francisco USA
2017 Unstickable x J.M. Weston , Paris  FRANCE
2017 Duo-show x barnabé, Galerie Ortega, Paris FRANCE
2017 30 , Combo, Paris FRANCE

Group Exhibitions

2021 Art Basel, Sist’ Art Gallery, Miami USA
2019 The French Connection, 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach QLD, AUS
2019 Hot Summers Night,19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach QLD, AUS
2018 Art Basel, Miami USA
2018 Reading Contemporary Artfair, Newbury ENGLAND
2018 Artcurial, Paris Sale Auction, Paris FRANCE
2017 Biennale Venezia, Venice ITALY
2017 Milan Artfair, Milan ITALY
2017 Girl Super Power, Galerie Sakura, Paris FRANCE
2017 Som’art, ALLOmatelas, Paris FRANCE
2017 Live painting – Canal +, Paris FRANCE
2017 Live painting – MADE design, Paris FRANCE
2017 Luxembourg Art Fair LUXEMBOURG
2016 Mad Market, Café A, Paris FRANCE
2016 Live painting Pour – Privateaser,  Café A, Paris FRANCE
2016 Lancement Nouvelle Q2, Audi, Dijon FRANCE
2016 Live Painting – Pour, Accord Hôtel Arena, Paris FRANCE
2016 Les folies ordinaires, Paris FRANCE
2016 Live Painting, EA Games, Paris FRANCE
2016 L’art s’invite chez vous, Eferya, Paris FRANCE
2016 Chill with the Bang, MaizonBar, Paris FRANCE
2016 Malmö , Live Painting, Parvis de l’Hotel de Ville, Paris FRANCE
2016 NOWO, BMW, Paris FRANCE
2016 Les ateliers de Paris , Paris FRANCE
2016 Live painting – My Street Art Paris, Concorde Atlantique, Paris FRANCE
2016 A l’Anvers , Paris FRANCE
2016 L’art s’invite chez vous, Eragny FRANCE
2016 Art Contest , Muséum TV, Paris FRANCE
2016 Live painting, Batofar, Paris FRANCE
2016 Gallery 444, San Francisco USA
2016 Galerie Art Génération, Paris FRANCE
2016 Galerie Street Artack, Paris FRANCE
2016 Mythologeny by Noty&Aroz, Next Street Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2016 Salon d’automne 2016 , Galerie Arbuste, Paris FRANCE
2016 6eme édition salon Arbustes , Gain du grand prix arbustes, Mantes la jolie FRANCE
2016 L’art de crâner, Galerie Sakura, Paris FRANCE
2016 Art-fair – ART3F, Paris FRANCE
2016 Galerie Lapage, Caen FRANCE
2016 French in Malmö, Musée de Malmö SWEDEN
2016 30th anniversary of the screaming hand Santa Cruz Skateboard, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz USA
2016 ADDENDA, Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration, Paris FRANCE
2015 Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
2015 Experience Art Fair, Paris FRANCE
2015 Workshop, Paris FRANCE
2015 Soixante Dix Market Place, Paris FRANCE
2015 Les Nautes, Paris FRANCE
2015 La Maizonbar, Paris FRANCE
2015 Galerie Artelie, Paris FRANCE
2015 Greenwood Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2015 Galerie des Galeries, Paris FRANCE


2021 Partnership with LG, Exhibition at LG OLED Gallery
2021 Partnership with IKKS, 3 Customised Brand Iconic Pieces
2021 Partnership with Fabio Quartararo, Glove and boot design for the 2021 World Moto GP Champion
2020 Race Against COVID Charity Auction, Auctioned a piece for the Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic hospital in Bologna
2019 Collaboration with Gshock – Photoshoot
2019 Collaboration with DJ Snake
2019 L’Officiel Charity Auction – Customised Chairs
2019 Collaboration with BMW, SO Sofitel THAILAND – Customisation of BMW Art Bikes
2018 Collaboration with Armani Exchange
2018 Performance at Belvedere House – Live painting
2018 Collaboration with BMW in Paris FRANCE – exhibition and customisation of new BMW X2
2018 Collaboration with JM Weston in Champs Elysees, Paris FRANCE – exhibition and customisation of shoes
2018 Collaboration with DJ Snake
2018 Collaboration with Hermes – Miss Europe Hermes bag released
2018 Collaboration with Depiction Wines, Napa Valley CA USA – Wine/art project with hand made limited edition labels
2018 Collaboration with Le Pantalon, Paris FRANCE – art/fashion collab
2018 Collaboration with Rives, Paris FRANCE – Personisation of each flagship store
2017 Collaboration with Fashion Week, Paris FRANCE – Photoshoot for Vetements Clothing and Adidias
2017 Collaboration with AUDI in Dijon FRANCE – Exhibition and customisation of new AUDI Q2




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