Jisbar (France)

International Artist

Jisbar (France)

International Artist

Born in 1989 in Val d’Isere, France, Jisbar is a Paris-based pop artist.

His creations are a reflection of a society deeply immersed in pop culture and of a generation rocked by the media. Music is a major inspiration, leading him to develop his style of “street art” which he expresses across diverse canvases. For 10 years, he has been perfecting his art by mixing elements of drawing and painting.




Jisbar captures the nostalgia and easiness of a childhood now over, through colorful visuals; the intensity of color leads spectators to focus on each detail and to in turn discover a whole diversity of universes within. Jisbar likes to say each of his artworks represent “moments in life”, like a memory that we immortalize in a photo album. This nostalgia of a time past and the innocence of his childhood are captured in his paintings, where the power of the color plays an overriding part.

Jisbar is an artist who paints with creative spontaneity. The artist works with urgency to depict with precision the short-stories that animate his daily life, and to illuminate his commentary on contemporary society.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Sist’ Art Gallery, Venice ITALY
2018 Jisbar, Gallery 444, San Francisco USA
2017 Unstickable x J.M. Weston , Paris  FRANCE
2017 Duo-show x barnabé, Galerie Ortega, Paris FRANCE
2017 30 , Combo, Paris FRANCE

Group Exhibitions

2018 Reading Contemporary Artfair, Newbury ENGLAND
2018 Artcurial, Paris Sale Auction, Paris FRANCE
2017 Biennale Venezia, Venice ITALY
2017 Milan Artfair, Milan ITALY
2017 Girl Super Power, Galerie Sakura, Paris FRANCE
2017 Som’art, ALLOmatelas, Paris FRANCE
2017 Live painting – Canal +, Paris FRANCE
2017 Live painting – MADE design, Paris FRANCE
2016 Mad Market, Café A, Paris FRANCE
2016 Live painting Pour – Privateaser,  Café A, Paris FRANCE
2016 Lancement Nouvelle Q2, Audi, Dijon FRANCE
2016 Live Painting – Pour, Accord Hôtel Arena, Paris FRANCE
2016 Les folies ordinaires, Paris FRANCE
2016 Live Painting, EA Games, Paris FRANCE
2016 L’art s’invite chez vous, Eferya, Paris FRANCE
2016 Chill with the Bang, MaizonBar, Paris FRANCE
2016 Malmö , Live Painting, Parvis de l’Hotel de Ville, Paris FRANCE
2016 NOWO, BMW, Paris FRANCE
2016 Les ateliers de Paris , Paris FRANCE
2016 Live painting – My Street Art Paris, Concorde Atlantique, Paris FRANCE
2016 A l’Anvers , Paris FRANCE
2016 L’art s’invite chez vous, Eragny FRANCE
2016 Art Contest , Muséum TV, Paris FRANCE
2016 Live painting, Batofar, Paris FRANCE
2016 Gallery 444, San Francisco USA
2016 Galerie Art Génération, Paris FRANCE
2016 Galerie Street Artack, Paris FRANCE
2016 Mythologeny by Noty&Aroz, Next Street Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2016 Salon d’automne 2016 , Galerie Arbuste, Paris FRANCE
2016 6eme édition salon Arbustes , Gain du grand prix arbustes, Mantes la jolie FRANCE
2016 L’art de crâner, Galerie Sakura, Paris FRANCE
2016 Art-fair – ART3F, Paris FRANCE
2016 Galerie Lapage, Caen FRANCE
2016 French in Malmö, Musée de Malmö SWEDEN
2016 30th anniversary of the screaming hand Santa Cruz Skateboard, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz USA
2016 ADDENDA, Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration, Paris FRANCE
2015 Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
2015 Experience Art Fair, Paris FRANCE
2015 Workshop, Paris FRANCE
2015 Soixante Dix Market Place, Paris FRANCE
2015 Les Nautes, Paris FRANCE
2015 La Maizonbar, Paris FRANCE
2015 Galerie Artelie, Paris FRANCE
2015 Greenwood Gallery, Paris FRANCE
2015 Galerie des Galeries, Paris FRANCE
2014 Paname Art, Paris FRANCE
2014 Galerie Morin, Paris FRANCE
2014 Anti-café du Louvres, Paris FRANCE
2014 The Lab, Paris FRANCE
2013 Free-Market de Paname, Clichy FRANCE
2013 Le Dandy, Paris FRANCE


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