Iryna Maksymova was born in 1991 in Kolomyia.  She lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.

Iryna is a fresh new discovery which I am very excited about!

With a degree in Graphic Design, Iryna started to paint full time only two years ago but throughout her life she was always painting in her spare time.

Iryna combines colourful domestic settings with exotic, often magic-tinged creatures, whose facial features contort in displays of distress or agony, encouraging the viewer to question humans’ feelings of supremacy over animals.

Her figurative expression on canvas comes from her emotional experiences and the topics which affect her life.

The storyline, the color contrasts and characters reflect the deepest part of her inner feelings. Every work is a statement, a manifesto, it’s a call for action.

Iryna was recently approached by another gallery in LA to join them – one which is representing another one of our new artists, Loser Angeles (Zac Hoffman).

Both artists, I feel, are hugely talented with a promise for a successful career in their chosen field!



‘I am always striving to reflect experienced emotions and impressions of what really bothers me. Rueful feelings concerning the world and me.

The storyline, the colors contrasts, characters – so simple at the first sight, but they reflect the deepest part of my inner feelings. Every work is a voice, a manifesto, it’s a call for action.

I believe that my practice has power to influence people and to make them reflect not only on the visual part but also on the idea and concept that might motivate to change and to be changed.

Feminism, sexism, ecology, any cruelty towards people or animals. Some might say that all these themes have been on everyone’s lips already long time ago. Although, why be silent if you’ve got something to say!’


2020  Solo show “Whild cats in circus”, Lviv, Ukraine
2021  Solo show “Big opening”, Lviv
2021  Group show “Сonscious”, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021  Group show “Shit Art Show 4”, LA, USA


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