Based in Brittany, France, Florent Stosskopf is self-taught painter whose work adeptly combines traditional themes and archetypes through a modern lens. He holds a BA in Web and Graphic Design and an Advanced Technician Diploma in Communication from L’école Multimedia.

The artist has been likened to Jonas Wood, Guy Yanai, Hillary Pecis, and Paul Wackers, through his use of vibrant colour that underpin his intricate scenes of antiquity and still lives from the Baroque movement, and Modernism. As a self-taught artist, Stosskopf’s artistic prowess is easily relatable for the viewer. Art books on Picasso, Matisse, and contemporaries are interpreted through paradoxically random and frantic “still” interiors. Are these images internal pixilation’s of the artists personal experiences? Or are they an imaginary exploration of the fragmentated and subjective nature of perception?

The lack of dimension in his work pays homage to Stosskopf’s graphic design past, and is perhaps the defining characteristic for his idiosyncratic, energetic style. With composition reminiscent of collage, it is this edited viewpoint that Stosskopf’s paintings adopt, removing shadow and exaggerating colour saturation, that brings a dynamic element of disconnection from reality to the fore.

Florent has participated in solo exhibitions in his native France. More recently, he has recently joined the stable of artists at the prestigious Beers London Gallery. Savvy collectors will recognise that Stosskopf is an Artist to watch.


Graduated with qualifications in Webdesign, Communication and Graphic Design.
2015 Established Printer and Graphic Design Business ‘Monsieur Coton’.


2021 Art Miami Fairs, Duran Mashaal Gallery, Canada
2021 “Eternal Flowers” Beers London, UK
2016 Solo Exhibition, Brittany, France
2015 Solo Exhibition, Rennes, France



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