After a brief look at his history, it becomes quickly evident that New Jersey based artist Erik Minter is an innate creator.  As a child, the artist had a keen interest in model making, from trains, planes to automobiles, even studying architectural principles, creating imaginary structures.

“I’ve been in love with tinkering, and modelmaking, spray painting, using knives, and masking shapes, it was always in my DNA from childhood, especially drawing from life. When watching my grandfather paint and him giving me a set of brushes and oils at a young age to play with, I immediately became hooked with the language of the medium of painting.”

Early in his career during his time under scholarship at The Pratt Institute, Minter spent time working with a public art sculptor where he was embedded in comprehensive mold making with plaster, right into foundry work building and engineering out massive tubular bronze characters.

Recently vibrant colour combinations met with sky-tone gradients that weave between graphical shapes and fluid-like splashes have been Minter’s staple, combining abstraction with surreal figuration, Minter has moved first from digital drawings and photographic manipulations to paint, seeking to capture the emotion of experiences, either lived or dreamed, and to express his feelings and curiosity about life.

The artist’s current creative undertaking sees his expressionistic figurations morph into clean abstractions, introducing more calculated extruded (tubular) beams of colour into the extemporaneous expressive folds in his painterly abstractions. Pairing back both picture and pantone leaving behind only what is essential to communicate experience and form, perhaps remnant somatic mechanics from his sculptural days.

The artist reveals, “There are two kinds of extremes that played out in my recent years working with paint, maybe it’s the loose-verse-controlled edge and forms.” Inarguably, Minter’s oeuvre is a spectrum of expression and masterful manipulation of various modes and mediums, with the artist expanding his visual language with the artist experimenting with the boundary between minimalism and the familiar personification of form.

Minter’s current work plays with the strength of black to create form and finesse, exploring the relationship between raw canvas and staining that paradoxically gives the graphical and organic temperament.

Minter has exhibited in London, Brussels, France, Norway, Indonesia and the U.S.



1997-2000 “Bachelor of Fine Arts” Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA

1996 “Life Study Courses” Corcoran Museum, Washington DC, USA


Solo Exhibitions

2022 DOPAMINE, Mazel Galerie, Brussels, BE. Oct. 29th – Nov. 29th

2021 Where Were You When…, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, UK. Sept. 18th – Oct 11th



2023 A[BS]TTRACTION, Group Show, Mazel Galerie, Brussels, BE. Feb.09

2023 In Between, Group Show, Jean Jacob Gallery, New Canaan, Connecticut, Jan. 05 – thru

Feb. 2023

2022 Christmas Exhibition, Group Show, Fineart Oslo, Norway Dec.08 – 29

2022 ST.ART, Art Fair Strasbourg, France, with Mazel Galerie Nov. 25th – 27th

2022 ART MOMENTS Jakarta, All About Art Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia. Art Fair, Nov 04th –

Nov 31st

2022 REVVV Group Show, All About Art Gallery, Singapore, F1 weekend Event, Sept 30th –

Oct 2nd

2022 Articulture Group Show, White Point Gallery, New Jersey, US, 06.04.21-07.10.21

2021 Luxembourg Art Week | Art Fair. Mazel Galerie, BR – Friday, Nov 12-14, 2021

2021 Hello I Love You, Group Online Exhibition. Curated by Jacob Johnson.


2021 Collective Synergy, A Screaming Art Group Online Exhibition. Curated by Sergio

Gomez. 07.04.2021

2021 Portraits & Consensus Works, 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast. QLD


2021 “Where Were You When” Daniel Rapheal Gallery, London UK

2020 “Pour Fello” AR Edition of 50 collab with UniqueBoard, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2020 “Booth Project for Paris” Mazel Galerie, Brussels, BELGIUM

2020 “DIALOGS2019” Atelier97 Arte Contemporanea – Las Spazio Espositivo, La Spezia, ITALY

2020 “When Spiders Unite They Can Tie Down A Lion” Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, UK

2020 “Summer Gathering” GR Gallery, New York, USA

2020 “Boundless Boundaries” StolenSpace Gallery, London, UK

2020 “Grounded” Daniel Raphael Gallery via Artsy, London, UK

2020 “Summer Selection 2020” Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

2020 “One” PXP Contemporary, USA

2020 Hospice Charity collaboration with Sothebys and Rotary International, Vienna, Austria

2020 Center of Contemporary Artists, Rome, Italy

2020 “35×35 Art Project” Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, GREECE

2020 “GOArt” Google NYC, New York, USA

2020 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair, Florida, USA

2019 Limited Edition Print Release, Davis Editions (online)

2019 “Force and Phenomenon” Rosenbaum Contemporary Acquisition, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

2009 “Art Walk” Hotel Indigo, New York, USA

2009 “Island Heat”, AIDS Family Services, New York, USA

2008 “Quetzalcoatl Countdown” 4444 Main Street, Buffalo, New York, USA

2008 “Karma Cab Boa” Hallwalls Members Exhibition, Buffalo, New York, USA

2006 “Feminine Mystique” KFMK Gallery, New York, USA

2003 “Chashama Benefit Show”Safe Horizon, New York, USA

2003 “World Trade Center Memorial Competition” Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, New York, USA

2000 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2000 “I.P.S” Circus” Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA

1999 “Works on Paper” Augusta Savage Gallery UMASS, Massachusetts, USA


2021 “Erik Minter a multi-disciplinary artist from New Jersey” The Industry

2020 “Entrevista a Erik Minter” Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo

2020 “15 Art Accounts You Must Take On Instagram” ELLE Belgium

2020 “Creative Conviction” Create Magazine (issue No. 21)

2020 “Erik Minter And The Emotion Of An Experience In Vibrant Colors” Visual Atelier 8

2020 “Don’t pass the Corona. A personal perspective during the pandemic” Wall Street International Magazine

2020 “Hohe Luft” German philosophy magazine (no.4)

2019 “Erik Minter // globs” GenSociety

2019 Booooooom Artist Spotlight

2019 Canyon Voice Literary & Art Magazine, Arizona State University( issue 19)


2000 “Circle Award” Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA

1999 “1st in show” Centennial NYC Cityscape Competition, CitiCorp Building, New York, USA

1997 National Talent Search Award, USA

1997 “Materials Awards” MAFF Maryland Artists Equity Foundation, Maryland, USA



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