“Share your mind and cultivate”, is the underlying message behind BL2A’s work. When we pour our energy and intentions into impassioned, altruistic pursuits the global community benefits. Born in Figueres (Spain) in 1985, BL2A currently lives and works in Barcelona, where he meticulously applies his, relatively diminutive, street art amongst the urban landscape of his hometown.

Another core belief BL2A holds, is that the author should not be more important than his work. This is the primary reason for the artists anonymity. Convinced that the street is the most free and democratic space to exhibit, the urban artist began to show his work in the urban debris he would find around him, and then, loyal to his ethos, BL2A would return the rejuvenated refuse to the street imbued with his signature message.

Unlike other street artists, BL2A’s work uniformly depicts not just a coherent style, but a consistent subject. Every piece features his three-dimensional faces, topped with what appears to be a cap, morphed with inanimate objects, paradoxically engaging in decidedly animated behaviours. His work is highly interactive – and not just his street art. The work the artist produces in the studio is equally engaging. Pieces interlock with on another, once again demonstrating the synergy and connectedness, the affect, we each have on one another.

Clearly, innovative thinking and clever interaction with what is available around him are assets that set the artists’ work apart. Faultless form and composition, teamed with his unique, easily identifiable approach ensure BL2A will add value to a collection.


2023 ‘Spring Flowers” street art expressions, Barcelona

2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Gallery, AUS

2019 A Horizon Solo Exhibition, Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


2021 Brooklyn Street Art, “Barcelona Small Scale Street Works Popping Up In The Face of Development”



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