In 2013 Wyndham Lawyers collaborated with Sydney pop artist Johnny Romeo to create a body of work called “The Great Lawyers”.  Wyndham Lawyers admire The Great Lawyers for their integrity, courage and power.

Johnny Romeo - Victory 16


Lincoln rose from poor beginnings to become a self taught lawyer with a busy practice. Although bankrupted twice, Lincoln’s legacy was his ultimate victory – leading a nation through the turmoil of civil war. In his Gettysburg Address Lincoln showed how powerful ideas expressed with conviction and precision can bring real change and victory.

Johnny Romeo 15th February 2014

“Freedom Fighter”

Imprisoned on Robben Island for 25 years, Nelson Mandela was a tenacious, patient and determined lawyer.  He fought against powerful forces with dignity, integrity and fortitude. His life is an inspiration to lawyers seeking justice against seemingly insurmountable odds.

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“Soul Truth”

As a lawyer, Mohandas K Gandhi was shrewd, pragmatic and a persistent opponent.  Throughout his life Mahatma Gandhi explored the power of non violent protest, whilst embarking on a personal spiritual quest. Gandhi was proof that a lawyer can reach highest levels of society and still have a heart and soul.

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“Gadfly Wisdom”

Socrates was not a lawyer per se, but his famous trial immortalises his stand for integrity, law and logic. He argued his case forcefully, evoking the unique human skills of rationality and logic. After being handed the death sentence, Socrates could have escaped, but paradoxically accepted his punishment. Ironically long after his death the Western tradition of law is founded on the Socratic Method.

19 Karen is proud to be a part of this amazing collaboration – with 4 works being commissioned by Wyndham Lawyers with Johnny Romeo – a beautiful and unique collection of art works now proudly hanging at their new premises.

The works also feature strongly on their website – click here to see more.

To see more works by Johnny – click here.

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