On the South Perth foreshore at the Mends Street Promenade you will find a new piece of public art.

Created by Western Australian artist Amanda Shelsher, the artwork, titled ‘Resonance’ was modelled on three swan feathers, cast in bronze, and stands up to 1.9 metres high.
The three Swan feathers are spiritual reminders of the area’s past and what was witnessed on these shores.
They reflect the memories of many generations of people that once stood here and a reminder of the abundant wildlife that was once in this area.

The central spines of the artwork reveal anecdotes and memories of local Nyungar families and the first recollections of early explorers de Vlamingh and James Stirling.
Traditionally a ceramic artist, Resonance takes Ms Shelsher’s practice to new heights, revealing new form and medium whilst examining the theme of how as humans we connect with nature.


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