Group show: Homage to Frida

Featuring: Abigael Whittaker, Amanda Shelsher, Amaya Iturri, Anne Smerdon, Beck Wheeler, Ben Sheers, Dan Withey, Gwenda Maree McDougall, Jeremy Piert, Jesse Dolman, Jessica Charlotte, JME Pool, Johnny Romeo, Joshua Smith, Juan Arata, Juliet Foxtrot, Kate McCarthy, Luke Yocum, Maria Rozalia Finna, Nolwenn Stephan, Rebecca Murphy, Richard Denny, Sarah Beetson, Simone Maynard, Sonya G Peters and Will Duncan

 Homage to Frida is a group show not to be missed with 26 strong emerging artists participating together for the first time. Each artist will bring their own unique style and interpretation of iconic Frida Kahlo; her life, her country, her family and friends. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this diverse show and take with you part of the spirit of Frida!



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