Sculptural artistic duo Skuja Braden have been nominated for two independent Art awards in Latvia, the Kilogram of Kulture Latvian Art Awards and the Purvisa Balva Award. Both awards accept nominees chosen by a panel of jurors and recognise achievements of artists from various fields. The Kilogram of Kulture Art Awards are widely accepted as the “Lativan Academy Awards” and will be nationally televised in January 2021 where winners will be announced.

The Purviša Balva Award is anonymously voted by a select expert panel from a panel of independent jurors from Latvia and other European countries.

The decision to nominate “Samsara” Skuja Braden’s recent exhibition that was showing at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design from March to September of this year. Curator, Solvita Krese, of the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art supports the nomination, stating, “Samsara is a depiction of contemporary portraits of vibrating skulls and macabre moods, parading the polarisation between moral virtues and modern vices.”

For more information about the duo’s award nominated curation, please see the National Latvian Museum:



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