Yana Medow, born in Russia, is a visual artist based in Madrid, Spain. Medow graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and specialised as a painting restorer, later transferring to a career in graphic design and illustration, before turning her attention to visual artistry full time in 2017.

Medow is a figurative artist with primitive accents to her design. Her manipulation of colour is impressive, with myriad shades coming together effortlessly to convey a spectrum of shape and light in a visceral display of form. Her appreciation for balance and harmony is adeptly portrayed in her skilled execution of intricate and vast still life pieces. Each one is inherently similar through the artists idiosyncratic application of geometry, colour and pattern, yet unique unto its own, through the artists considered selection of subject.

Speaking of her general body of work, which includes characterisation and landscapes in addition to her still life work, Medow states, “The aesthetic direction of my work can be described as a figurative/primitive style. In these paintings, you can see grotesque characters, sometimes erotic, but the ultimate goal of my work is to show the universal grace of the human body, along with the comical naivety of human ideas, concepts, and thoughts. The bright, almost luminescent colour combinations contribute to the artworks’ light-hearted mood.”

Among her achievements, Medow has exhibited in group shows in Saint Petersburg, London and Madrid. She has participated in the group exhibition at Streams Gallery, Hong Kong, in 2021-2022, and has held a solo exhibition at the Arts Center- restaurant Arte y Paladar, Madrid in 2021. She has featured in a group exhibition in Valencia, Spain and won first prize in the Rebirth Art Competition hosted by The Holy Art Gallery.


2021 – 2022  Group exhibition at Streams Gallery. Hong Kong, China

2021  Personal exhibition at the Art Center- restaurant Arte y Paladar. Madrid

2021  MundoArti Museum group virtual exhibition. Valencia, Spain

2021  Group virtual exhibition and auction provided by TrueqArt community

Madrid, Spain

2021 Winner of the REBIRTH Art Competition provided by THE HOLY ART gallery,

group virtual exhibition

2019 Art – Love Group exhibition, Saint Petersburg

2018 Personal exhibition – Jinete Azul Gallery, Madrid

2016 Personal exhibition – Barajas Cultural Center, Madrid

2013 Group exhibition – Union of Artists Exhibition Center, Saint Petersburg

2012 Parallax Group Show, London

2012 Masquerade Group Show, Saint Petersburg

2011 Vyborg Group Exhibition, Saint Petersburg



2021 Art magazine MundoArti

2021 Publication in the Ciclosfera sports magazine

2021 Publication in the Art Connect emerging contemporary artists community

2019 Publication in the Brenda Art Magazine



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