Wayan Sarcita Yasa, known as Sarcita, is an emerging artist from Tabanan Bali. Sarcita is currently a student at the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, and an alumnus of SMK N 1 Sukawati (SMSR).

As a young, melancholic artist, he incorporates many fundamental matters of life into his works, using it as a means of self-reflection. His surrealist pop style playfully counters the tone of his often-sombre narrative, with the examination of the plethora of human experience remaining the chief creative focus for Sarcita and the continuing unfolding of work.

The artist states, “Art is a vehicle for processing feelings and thoughts from various experiences. It is influenced by the surrounding environment which encourages a person to present or describe a range of feelings. I examine daily habits in the home and everyday life from my own personal experience, whether it’s feelings of joy or sadness, or the many expressions that I show in spatial language.”

The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in his native Indonesia and is the recipient of several emerging artist awards including at the Taman Tino Sidin Art Museum in Yogyakarta.


2024 Imagination Mini Solo Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace
2023 Group exhibitions Lakucollective “ FROM THE INSIDE” Gallery Achieve Art
2023 Mini Solo Show (Sold Out) “I AM TIME AND SPACE” 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

2023 Exhibition Nawanata19 “ LABIRIN HEALING RUANG KREMASI” Gallery RJ

2022 Group Exhibition “ RISE & SHINE” LAVG Gallery
2022 Exhibition “RETHINGKING Diaspora Kala Patra of SDI” Gallery Sangkring Art
2022 Exhibition “Press-conference” Echante, Yogyakarta
2022 Exhibition “Miracle#5” Kecil Itu Indah” Jogja Gallery
2022 Exhibition “Artemis” Museum Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
2022 Exhibition “Insecure” Museum Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta

2021 Exhibition “Buka Rupa Vol 2” Amor Fati, UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta
2021 Art Exhibitions and Archives “Buwuh” Gallery Mbah Ndary
2021 Exhibition “Aksi Artsy#4” Rite de Passage Gallery Rj Katamsi

2020 Group exhibitions Sangkring Art Academy
2020 Exhibition Virtual Hiatus #3 Love Deciphering an Enigma
2020 Exhibition Virtual Angkatan Seni Murni Isi 2019

2019 Exhibition Seni Murni ISI 2019, Gallery Fajar Sidik ISI Yogyakarta


2020 Painting Competition “On The Spot ” Taman Tino Sidin Museum, Yogyakarta
2018 Workshop Street Art Series of Djamur Community Fine Art Exhibition “Gift From The Street” Bentara Budaya, Bali
2018 Workshop on Graphic Arts and Dialogue of the Creative Process of a Series of Exhibitions Winner III Compotisi International Trienal Seni Grafis Indonesia V
MUHLIS LUGIS” Bentara Budaya, Bali



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