Tony Roos, born in a small Swedish town Almhult in 1983,  has a seamless passion for figurative work. As a teenager Tony divided his interests between skateboarding, French hotdogs and graffiti. The latter, of course, what got him into painting on canvas, always with detail in mind, switching spray cans to oils. Tony’s endless obsession of the human anatomy has developed his technique in the use of oil. Although he mainly paints the human body and face he doesn’t like to call himself a portrait artist. And when you look at his work you understand that it’s more an interpretation of his models rather than a photographic copy. His studio in Växjö which used to be a underground club has plenty of space for both small and large projects. Tony continuously pushes his limits of what he is capable to do, in order to “perfect” his work. There is of course much left to discover for this artist. But what would be the point if there wasn’t?


My paintings emerges from an interaction between realism and abstraction. Somewhere at the border between chaos and calm, I create my paintings to satisfy my fascination with the human form. As an artist I’ve always been told to “loosen up“, which is something I’ve been struggling with my whole career. But my work is anything but loose, on the contrary, it is very balanced and strict. That is a direct reflection of how I am as a person. There is something calming for me with the graphic pattern that builds the anatomy in my paintings. It makes me feel that I am in control, if only for that specific moment I work with my art. This very feeling is what I want to convey to my audience.


2020 Unplugged, Group Show, James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia USA
2020 Affordable Art Fair UK, Group Show with Maze Gallery, London UK
2019 Kulturnatten, Group Show, Växjö SWEDEN
2018 Kulturnatten, Group Show, Växjö SWEDEN
2017 Kulturnatten, Group Show, Växjö SWEDEN
2016 PLUG, Solo Show, VXO, Växjö SWEDEN
2016 Rock The Dot, Solo Show, Växjö SWEDEN
2015 A Simple Space, Solo Show, Galleri Lohme, Malmö SWEDEN
2015 Group Show, Studio Kylör, Älmhult SWEDEN
2014 Group Show, Galleri Hjertberg, Växjö SWEDEN
2014 Solo Show, Kulturhuset, Broby SWEDEN



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