Artist Statement

My artistic style is rooted in a strong influence from the grafiti movement that emerged in the early 1980s on the streets and trains of New York City. Inspired by the iconic figures of this movement, I witnessed their successful transition from the train yards and streets to the prestigious gallery spaces.

My artistic journey evolved over many years spent creating on the streets during my extensive travels around the globe. Fuelled by an insatiable passion for painting and compelled by a lack of a traditional studio space, I found the perfect environment to experiment with line and shape, often working on a large scale within tight time constraints.

Translating this dynamic street art approach into my studio practice, I utilise the same materials from my street & mural work, namely acrylic house paint and spray paint. Additionally, I incorporate fine black linework using an airbrush to further strengthen the image graphically.

The themes and concepts interwoven into my work are a direct reflection of my observations as I move between diverse environments. These themes have evolved organically as I moved from Melbourne to London, then to Barcelona, & ultimately settling into coastal life in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

While the themes within my artwork mature and transform, the street aesthetic persists in the materials I use and the stylistic choices I make. This intentional continuity serves as a representation of my artistic identity, showcasing a seamless connection between my roots in street art and the evolution of my creative expression.



2023 In Situ – Lennox St Gallery, Melbourne

2021 Consequence – Metro Gallery, Melbourne

2019 Convo – Stolen Space Gallery, London,

2019 Given Time – Metro Gallery, Melbourne,

2019 Town & Country – Marfa Gallery, Melbourne,

2019 Spy Hill – QBank Gallery, Tasmania,

2018 Through My Eyes – RVCA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2018 Attica – Installation, Melbourne

2018 The Burbs – Bromley & Co, Melbourne

2018 Dead Set Legends – Benalla Art Gallery, VIC

2017 In This Together – RVCA gallery, Melbourne

2015 RZO – Florescent Smogg, Barcelona

2014 Positives, Negatives & Accents – MTN, Barcelona

2007 Fly on the Wall – Per Square Metre, Melbourne



2023 Be Still, Life – StolenSpace, London

2023 Short Sharp Shock – Finka Gallery, Myocum

2020 Salon De Refusés – S. K. Ervin gallery, Sydney

2019 Threesome International Group Show, 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast Australia

2017 Heuristic – Woolongong Art Gallery

2015 Raval Academy of the Arts – Barcelona,

2015 Tattoonie – Paris

2014 Dubl Trubl – Urban Spree, Berlin

2013 Not For Rental – 71A Gallery, London

2013 The IF show – Acton Centre of Art, London

2012 Marvellous Adventures – Thinkspace, Los Angeles

2004 Space Invaders – National Gallery of Australia

2002 Finders Keepers – London



2022 New Futures award

2020 Archibald – Salon de Refusés

2017 Footscray art prize – Finalist



National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Victoria

La Colom D’or (France)

Sandrew (Melbourne)





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