Paolo Pilotti was born in Rome in 1982 and attended the Roman Academy of Fine Arts in with a major in anatomy. The artist has an innate artistic drive stemming from his childhood, with irony and provocation key subjects of his artistic agenda. This is communicated clearly in the satirical amalgamation of religious figures and modern pop cultural icons featured in his work.

Pilotti proficiently employs myriad colour in his work to harmonious and dramatic effect, while skilfully applying pattern in his design. His capture of the renaissance in his subjects is almost, unforgivingly, overlooked due to the equally accomplished nature of his form and drapery. However, his adherence to the period must be afforded special mention for its contribution to the all- encompassing meticulousness of his work. Each piece, is detailed and perfectly executed aesthetically, while the artists appreciation for the quirk of contemporary culture enlivens this proficiency with entertainment and delightful story.

The artists irreverent iconic subjects have allowed him to claim his place in the competitive Italian art arena, attributed to the familiar and recognizable characters, his confident critique of contemporary consumerist society and its contradictions and flaws.

The artist states that, “…anatomy remains the pivot of my work and the human body is an inexhaustible source of forms, (that when) pushed to the limit, underline a conflict between beauty, tradition and human anatomy itself.”

Throughout his career Pilotti has featured in numerous collaborations and periodicals throughout his native Italy. The artist has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Europe.



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