Nathaniel Bolarinwa is a multidisciplinary artist, born in the city of lagos, Nigeria. Upon finishing his National diploma in Art, Nathaniel then trained under the mentorship of prominent Nigerian artists at the Universal Studio of Art. His vast dexterity as a sculpturist equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of form, texture and navigation of figurative lines.

Bolarinwa’s work is an embodiment of botanical surrealism where he communicates a metaphorical concept of reincarnation and after-life. These supernatural forms are depicted through androgynous human gestures which feature the anatomy of a tree personified; bark, trunk, and leaves with bulbous eyes and appendages. Bolarinwa’s works are fashionably dressed in vibrant colour and engage in present and familiar social behaviours.

Through his work, Bolarinwa documents and represents individuality, capturing elements of the ancient and the contemporary, inciting notions of both purity and wisdom. He flanks his subjects with random lines of various movements, he calls these lines ‘The stripes of fate’.

Bolarinwa is an emerging talent who has held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions with numerous international galleries.




2018 National Diploma in fine art, Osun state polytechnic

2014 O’Level, Amovic grace college as a science student

Solo Exhibitions

2022 “In the deep ocean”, Dida Gallery, Cote d’Iviore

2022 “My Superman” , Miami Beach, USA


Group Exhibitions

2023 Group Exhibition, Cohlegallery, Paris, France

2022 group Exhibition, Bettergosouth gallery, Germany

2022 group exhibition, Dida Gallery Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire

2022 group exhibition, curators room, Amsterdam, NL

2022 group exhibition, Breach Miami, USA

2022 group exhibition, 19 Karen, Australia

2021 The Nu-African contemporary group Art Exhibition on Artsy, NY



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