Ms. Dyu is a contemporary oil painter currently living and working in Dubai. The artist first studied painting in her youth culminating in further examination in design which then paved the way to her BA Design majoring in composition and sculpture. She then completed a Master’s in Liberal Art supported by theory in psychology, sociology and cultural studies, influences that are evident in the artists fragmented depiction of psyche amongst objects and places with wider social meaning, revealing potential ulterior motives in innocuous encounters typical of modern society.

Comical nonchalance is the founding thematic overture to Ms. Dyu’s work, often portraying common and ordinary circumstances with an irrational comic, absurdity. In practice, the artist forays with colour precision, intentionally creating her pieces with only few colours achieving subtle yet distinct variation in each. Reflecting her commitment to this distinction, she then destroys the colour compositions so that they cannot be replicated, ensuring the individual integrity of each work.

Ms. Dyu’s creative process is a means to her own unique image driven language that she adopts to both understand and interpret the world. It has been said of her work, “(Ms. Dyu’s) goal is to provoke the viewer and have them accept the imagery with humour, savouring her ironic interpretation of society.”

Ms. Dyu is represented in galleries all over the world including Paris, London, Korea, Dubai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and the U.S. Ms.Dyu plans on adding a body of digital art to reinforce and diversify her current oeuvre.


2025 Maison Ozmen gallery, Paris, France
2024 Kutlesa gallery, Arth, Switzerland
2024 Natasha Arselan Gallery, London, UK
2024 Four You Gallery – May,
2024 Art Busan, Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, Korea
2024 Volery gallery, Dubai, UAE
2023 Mozuku Gallery, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2023 The WAREHOUSE Gallery, Hong Kong
2023 Art Busan, Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, Korea
2023 VINS Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan
2023 Lorin Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2022 571 Artspace, Hangzhou, China
2023 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Mermaid Beach, Australia
2022 Solo Show,  Maison Ozmen gallery, Paris, France
2022 Ascaso Gallery Miami, USA
2022 Contemporary Art Now (CAN), Ibiza, Spain
2022 Ms Dyu art painting on CAN Ibiza art fair
2022 Contemporary Art Now CAN art fair Ibiza July
2022 Volery gallery, Dubai, UAE
2022 CON, NYC, USA
2022 571 Artspace, Hangzhou, China
2022 Mozuku Gallery, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2022 YOD Edition Gallery, Japan



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