Marius Seidlitz, born in 1985, lives and works in Bayreuth, Germany. He has a Fine Arts degree from the Bauhaus University. The artist is also an engraving master and experienced creative designer, skills he uses to inform his visual art practice. With the use of oil paint, his colourful work addresses the complexity of the human psyche. He examines notions of beauty and perfection, evoking such questions as, “What is beauty?” and, “Does perfection exist?”

Seidlitz’s expressive imagery is inspired by the diversity of the female body, imperfections and various distinctions are deliberately accentuated as homage to femininity in all its forms.  Colourful curves, multi-layered nudity with all the contradictions between attraction and repulsion are the foundational narrative to every subject. Always multidimensional and dynamic, Seidlitz ensures that his portrayal of the female form, while surreal, is disparately accurate. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, entangled bodies, suggestive limbs and lips, sink into colour-intensive surfaces and dynamic lines, creating the artists specific characters.

Seidlitz puts the concept of the Self, and the multitude ways that it presents, to the test. When viewed through the lens of the heart, the vulnerability and paradoxically the commonality of all humanness, can be viscerally felt. The obscurities elude to, not only the differing aesthetics of people, but also the embodiment of their differing, intellectual, emotional and social needs. Nudity is a paramount feature of his subjects, symbolic of the nakedness of the human soul, while also pointing to the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of humans.

Marius Seidlitz has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Germany. He is the recipient of numerous funding grants and awards both for his visual artwork and his engraving craftsmanship.


2012 – Further Education As A “Craft Industry Designer” In Weimar / Germany
2010 – Self-Employed Artist / Draftsman / Engraver
2010 – Admission To The Funding Program Of The Federal Ministry Of Research
2008 – Journeymans Degree State And Federal Winner In The Engraving Trade
2005 – 2008 Trainee As An Engraver On The National Engraving School In Suhl / Germany
2004 – Fine Arts / Bauhaus University / Weimar


2010 – Admission To The Funding Program Of The Federal Ministry Of Research And Education Selected Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions

2023 – ‘Chin Up Baby and Smile’ Solo Show, Art Nutri Gallery, TAIWAN
2023 – Group Exhibition Al Tiba9 Gallery, Barcelona, SPAIN
2023 – ‘Summer Group Show’, 42 Art Gallery, Beijing CHINA
2023 – ‘Beyond the Mirror’ Solo Show, Akunst Gallery, Seoul SOUTH KOREA
2023 – ‘BlueBlueBl(ue)m’ Group Show, IM Gallery, Guangzhou CHINA
2022 – ‘Form 2022’ Group Exhibition, Cica Museum CHINA
2022 – ‘Between Visions’ Group Exhibition,  Aout Gallery, Beruit LEBANON
2021 – Art Venice 2021, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, ITALY
2021 – ‘It’s Too Late For Postcards’ Fondazione Michetti, Francavilla Al Mare, ITALY
2021 – Group Exhibition, Kv Kulmbach, Badehaus, Kulmbach GERMANY
2021 – ‘Bodypainted’ Group Exhibition, Gallery Konstanze Wolter- Chemnitz Germany
2021 – ‘The Beginning’ Gallery 47, Næstved, DENMARK
2020 – ‘Sugar, We Are Going Down!’ Hearthouse, Munich DENMARK
2020 – ‘Follow The White Rabbit’ Ph Winterthur SWITZERLAND
2020 – ‘Kv Kulmbach Group Exhibition’Obere Stadtgalerie, Kulmbach DENMARK
2020 – ‘Searching For Freedom’ Stadtgalerie Bad Soden DENMARK
2020 – ‘Naked & Xposed’ Knox Gallery, Calgary CANADA
2020 – ‘Locked In Group Exhibition’ Stoeckelkeller, Haag DENMARK
2020 – ‘Körper-Farbe-Raum’ Art-Of Gallery, Offenbach DENMARK
2019 – ‘Kv Kulmbach Group Exhibition’ Turbinenhaus, Kulmbach DENMARK
2019 – ‘Somewhere In Neverland’ Solo Exhibition, Forum Phoinix, Bayreuth DENMARK
2019 – ‘The Body Pays The Bill’ Solo Exhibition, Popup Copenhagen DENMARK
2019 – ‘Paviart Group Exhibition’ Mop Gallery, Pavia ITALY
2019 – ‘Artbox Project Miami 2.0’ Group Exhibition, Miami Design District US
2019 – ‘Art Parma Fair’ Mop Gallery, Parma ITALY
2018 – Group Exhibition, Produzenten Galerie, Berlin DENMARK
2018 – ‘12vor5’ Group Exhibition, Gallery Hop, Bamberg DENMARK
2016 – ‘Look For Open Gallery’ Group Exhibition, Gallery Eartis Contemporary, Chemnitz DENMARK
2016 – Group Exhibition, University of Finance & Economics, Shanghai CHINA
2015 – Huntenkunst, International Artfair, Ulft NETHERLANDS
2014 – ‘No!Art Project’ Group Exhibition, Gallery Kunststück, Berlin DENMARK
2013 – Huntenkunst, International Artfair, Ulft NETHERLANDS
2013 – Group Exhibition at The Vhv Versicherungen Ag Headquarters
2013 – Brotkatze Collab, Gallery Kunststück, Berlin DENMARK
2012 – ‘Dreamscapes’ Solo Exhibition, Hannover DENMARK
2002 – Art Project ‘Kastor’ Gallery Rothamel, Erfurt DENMARK


Private Collections In Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, China, Denmark, France, Austria, Norway, Usa, Australia




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