Artist Biography

Graduating in advertising, Lucas Lamenha has been working as a creative for over 15 years. He has received significant national and international awards throughout his career. His experience as Creative Director in advertising led Lucas Lamenha to explore and discover himself as an artist. Lucas uses graphic elements and characters that reflect the modern world’s chaotic surplus of information and work together to convey a larger story.

He draws the viewer in repeatedly and provokes the public by using storytelling as a key element in his thematic, transformative way of converting memories into stories told with spray, acrylic, and marker – Stories about a ludic, original and colourful universe of his own making. The uniqueness of his strokes and his outstanding style imprint generalities, such as numbers, music, dilemmas, idiosyncrasies, love, and peace, that translate some of Lucas’ essence, past and present, into paper, canvas, and objects. By doing so, Lucas is taking the sub-genre of “doodle art” into previously uncharted territory. Lamenha is one of today’s most unique and innovative artists, and is certainly making waves in the contemporary art world.

Among his achievements, Lamenha has received significant national and international awards throughout his career, such as five trophies in the Gramado World Award (2003 and 2005) and two Short Lists in the London International Festival (2003), one of the most revered festivals in the world. He has exhibited his work throughout the world including Italy, Spain, the U.S., Paris, Taiwan, London and Brazil.


Selected Exibitions

2023 Focus Art Fair, New York, US

2022 Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2021 Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 Sacrifice, Milan, Italy

2021 Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy

2020 I Believe, Milagres, Brazil

2019 Threesome International Group Show, Gold Coast, Australia

2019 Rocket Man, Burning Man, US

2019 Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris

2018 Burning Man, Burning Man, US

2017 Hi World, London UK

2017 A Growing Culture, New York US

2016 Pixel Show Live Painting, São Paulo

2016 Inspiration Pollination Project, Miami

2016 Postcard Show, Milan



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