Lucas Geor is an Australian painter (b.1988, Sydney, Australia), currently based in Melbourne, whose work intertwines traditional painting practices with the bold aesthetic of cartoons, creating a juxtaposition between fine art and popular illustration.

Using acrylic and aerosol paint, Geor paints snapshots in time, informed by animation from the 20th century, looking at the world through a simplified lens and investigating and exaggerating intricate and oft-overlooked details of a scene. Choosing to focus on the layers of their animated environments, rather than the characters themselves, Geor aims to explore how small details and backgrounds of a painting can catalyse its narrative and set a specific mood. The outcome of Geors work becomes layered paintings, featuring empty rooms and landscapes, littered with the stains of human touch, hinting at the feeling that a space has just been inhabited or is anticipating a new presence.

Geor draws inspiration from a variety of artistic movements and genres—from the intricacies of Japanese woodblock prints, to the bold aesthetics of Keith Harings engaging pop works as well as the details in the cartoon landscapes of animations such as Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and The Simpsons.

Geor holds a Bachelor of Fine Art, received from the University of NSW in 2015 and boasts sell out shows in Australia, and exhibits his work globally throughout the United States and Asia.


2023 – Group Show – Everything but the kitchen sink”, La Luz de Jesus Gallery – Los Angeles

2023 – Art Fair – “Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong”, AGallery Asia, Hong Kong

2023 – Group Show – “Coast”, Stupid Krap, Gold Coast

2023 – Group show – “Locals”, Outre Gallery, Melbourne

2022 – Solo show – “Eye on Springfield”, Honey Bones Gallery, Melbourne

2022 – Group show – “Everything but the kitchen sink”, La Luz de Jesus gallery – Los Angeles

2022 – Group Show- “Lemonade”, Honey Bones Gallery, Melbourne

2021 – Group show (curator) – “Deluxe Days”, Comber St Studios, Sydney

2021 – 3 Person show – “Escape from Kong Island” Krause Gallery, New York City

2021 – Group show – “Power in numbers 6”, Nucleus Gallery, Portland

2021 – Group show – “Fruit of the Vine”, La Matadora Gallery, Joshua Tree CA

2021 – Group show – ‘Emerging to established winter show’, Krause Gallery, New York City

2020 – Group show – ‘Batcave’, Mayne Line Gallery, Brisbane

2020 – Solo show – ‘Will there ever be a rainbow?’,  Yeah Nice Gallery, Byron Bay

2019 – Finalist – ‘Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize’, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney

2019 – Booth display – ‘Superfine Art Fair’, Los Angeles

2019 – Group show – ‘Emerging to established winter show’, Krause Gallery, New York City

2017 – Group show – ‘Candy Show’, ConArts, New York City

2017 – Group show – ‘Residents Show’, Spread Art, Detroit

2017 – Group show – ‘Spring Residency Show’, ConArts, New York City

2017 – Group show – ‘Winter Salon Show’, Greenpoint Gallery, New York City



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