Artist Biography

Kevin Sabo is a painter (b. 1992) from Virginia Beach, VA (USA) and currently based in Richmond, VA (USA). He trained and studied art throughout his youth and graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from James Madison University. His paintings are typically multi-media – acrylic, ink, spray, collage work that is largely based around the figure, often playing with character and fashion.

Themes of queer identity, satire, existential revelations can be spotted throughout his expressive work. Sabo describes his paintings as large sketches, as they are never pre-determined ahead of the outcome. In his recent works, the artist has been experimenting with “fussy little divas in a small, sardine-like crowd, just existing.” Designing their clothing, their hairstyles, and personas sparks endless joy for the artist, who, like his exquisitely mercurial and unique characters, fully embodies his own version of being both person and artist.

Sabo’s work is challenging, but least of all for the theme and subjectivity, rather the challenge comes from the contradiction of terms “grotesque and beautiful” that immediately come to mind when in their presence.

Sabo states, ‘My goal when entering a blank canvas isn’t to reinvent the wheel or begin something that has never been done in my personal trajectory, but rather to sprinkle some individual steez and shades of niche flirtatiousness in each unique painting.’

The artist has participated in group exhibitions in New York, California, Palm Beach, Richmond, and Miami, and held residencies in two studio’s in New York and Richmond respectively. He has featured in ‘Surface’, an online architecture design and art magazine and his work continues to grasp the attention of established collectors due to it’s idiosyncratic style, creative mastery and contemporary aesthetic.


2024 Upper Crust Solo Show, Edji Gallery, Brussels Belgium
2024 The Big Wig Solo Show, TW Fine Art, Palm Beach FL
2024 Everyday is My Day, Yin Art Gallery
2023 ‘Wants & Needs’ Pamplemousse HQ, Richmond US
2023 AW Luxembourg Art Fair, Bimbam Gallery, Paris, FR
2023 ‘Apophenia’ Secret Flowers Group Show
2023 Future Fair, Kates Ferri Projects, NY, US
2022 ‘Hometown Session #2’ EDJI Gallery, London, UK
2022 ‘Fussy Fleur’ Bimbam Gallery, Paris, FR
2022 ‘Kimberly Pepperoni’s Closet’ Kates-Ferri Projects, US
2022 Group Show, Soft Times Gallery, California, USA
2022 ‘Marmalade Visions’ Soft Times Gallery, LA US
2022 ‘Somebody’ Hashimoto Contemporary, LA US
2022 ‘Les Corps-Paysage’ Bimbam Gallery, Parise FR
2022 ‘Who Is She’ Schlomer Haus Gallery, California, US
2021 Reputable Art Fair, Miami Beach, USA
2021 ‘Strike Me a Pose’ Galeria Fran Reus, Mallorca, SPAIN
2021 Represented by Eden Airlines, Richmond, US
2021 “Skrrt Skrrt Fantasy” Quirk Gallery, Richmond, US


2021 ‘Bedstuy Art Residency’ Brooklyn, New York, USA
2019 ‘Studio Two Three Residency’ Richmond, USA


Art fair

2024 San Francisco Art Week, Schlomer Haus Gallery, Saint Josephs Arts Foundation, USA



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