Artist Biography

Juri Lobunko, moniker “Toon”, is a German mural and studio artist known for his spirited compositions that extrapolate from traditional cubism. Lobunko’s arrangements are dynamic juxtapositions with an undulating visual landscape, taking the viewer into a quizzical world of their own making.

Primarily using acrylic on canvas, Lobunko embodies his innate creative freedoms through fluid use of paint rollers and spray cans. The artist expanded upon his practical experience and theoretical knowledge of art during his studies in graphic design at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences while simultaneously establishing himself as a commissioned, studio and freelance artist.

Among his achievements Lobunko has exhibited extensively in group and solo shows throughout Germany including Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Paderborn and Lippstadt. He continues to work as a commissioned artist and imparts his knowledge and passion via practical programs across ​​North Rhine-Westphalia.


Selected Exhibitions

2023 Group Exhibition, Art Vs Acoustics, Paderborn

2023 Solo Exhibition, Toon X Turbourban, Düsseldorf

2023 Local Graffiti Project, Duisburg

2023 Group Exhibition, Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg

2023 Group Exhibition, Artbeat/Qvartrgalerie, Hamburg

2023 Group Exhibition, Surprise Vernissage/Galerie K15, Lippstadt

2023 Group Exhibition, Rauch/Turbourban, Düsseldorf

2022 Group Exhibition, Incredible, Minden

2022 Group Exhibition, Turbo Urban, Düsseldorf

2022 Group Exhibition, City Art, Hamburg

2022 Street Art Festival, Secretcity, Paderborn

2022 Group Exhibition, We Don’t Forget, Schloß Holte

2021 Street Art Festival, Goch Meets Street Art, Goch

2020 Digital Art Talk, Oerlinghausen Art Association

2020 Group Exhibition, Turbo Urban, Düsseldorf

2019 Group Exhibition, Bielefeld Art Association

2019 Group Exhibition, Turbo Urban, Duisburg

2019 Group Exhibition, Kunstkammer Dortmund

2018 Group Exhibition, Lippstadt Art Association

2018 Group Exhibition, Generation Arts In The Space For Art, Paderborn

2018 Group Exhibition, Central Committee Street Art, Mönchengladbach

2017 Exhibition Of Works As Part Of The Night Of Museums In The Best Gallery, Bielefeld



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