Artist Juliana Shaffia from Bucaramanga, Colombia, has a background in photography and digital design, and is an adept painter, characteristics that have developed her distinctive modern style. Unlike other contemporaries Shaffia brings the hallmark digitalism of the current art scene a refreshing nuance punctuated by her bold and deliberate inclusion of details that are decidedly imperfect.

Her work is characterized by inspirations from editorial photographs and subjectively showcasing a unique versatility through incorporation of elements from the 70s and 80s as well as current influences. Juliana has a deep affinity with music and contemporary Asian culture, including kawaii and aesthetic. Her paintings are distinguished by a blend of perfect and imperfect lines, creating a visual dichotomy that embellishes provocation for close inspection of detail and colour within her artwork.

Seeking to strike a harmonious balance between pastel and vibrant colours, Shaffia experiments with the complimentary union and pairing of both hues. Her pieces often explore a delicate equilibrium between innocence and adulthood, naivety and the seductive, blending acidic and sweet elements.

Shaffia draws influences from photography, music, and the renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The artist has invested significant time honing her specific style aspiring for her paintings to be recognized and held in high regard in the contemporary fine art sector.

Shaffia is a prominent contender on the emerging art scene whose work has been compared with American modern painter Ben Evans, but with a distinct feminine edge and a fearless inclination towards a rather captivating idiosyncratic imperfection that her counterpart lacks. The artist has also collaborated closely with renowned artist Karol G working on commercial art campaigns for a key global brand.



2019 Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and Digital Design Colombian College, Bucaramanga, COLOMBIA

Studies in Oil and Acrylic Painting, Bucaramanga, COLOMBIA

Professional Experience

2017-2023 Professional collaboration with renowned artist Karol G





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