Hugo Baud is a visual artist born in Montpellier, South of France. Baud has a strong affinity with skateboarding and street culture, through his study of applied arts and space design he assigned this interest to his idiosyncratic style of painting.

Baud’s work references the figure; each one with a hidden face to bring focus to the gestural component of personality. Baud uses the figure as a social iconography, a sexual symbol, an aesthetic fantasy. Portraying psychology and identity with bold abstracted expression, his characters, whether alone or in a crowd, confront the viewer and are an invitation to consider our own individuality, to challenge preoccupation with social appearance and provoke ideas of abandonment of it. Through his work Baud questions, “Who am I behind the mask? Who am I in the crowd?”

With a theatrical persona and all of its multiple identities, the artist explores the dominant nature of the collective on the individual and ponders how to detach from this hold.
Baud has held exclusive exhibitions in France and group exhibitions in London, New York, Berlin and Australia.


Solo Exhibitions

2020 “Murum” Art Show, Montpellier, France
2019 “Le BPM” Art Show, Montpellier, France
2018 “Spa de Beaulieu”, Montpellier, France
2018 “La Ruchidée” Limoges, France
2017 “Pullin” Montpellier, France
2017 “Le spot” Montpellier, France


Group Exhibitions

2023 “Come Together” Galerie Zberro, France
2023 “Here Comes the Sun” Galerie Zberro, France.
2023 “Talking…and other banana skins” Urban Nation Contemporary Museum, Berlin.
2022 “End of The Road” Guy Hepner Editions, New York.
2020 “Candid Art Trust” London, England
2019 “Kultur Spaeti” Berlin
2019 “Dorchester Art Project” Boston, USA
2018 “Accroch’ Coeurs” Montpellier, France
2017 “Accroch’ Coeurs” Montpellier, France
2016 “La Game Taverne” Montpellier, France



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