Artist Biography

Parisian born artist ‘Hello Marine’ spent her childhood in South Ouest France after which she crossed the channel to pursue a BA in Graphic Design in Brighton University. Establishing herself as a freelance illustrator, the artist worked extensively with agents both in France and the UK. Currently, Marine is based in Brighton where she lives with her family.

With a striking simplicity and a meticulous colour palette, her work is bold, naive, and memorable. The artist produces highly decorative pieces, amalgamating contemporary graphic elements with geometry emblematic of ancient Egyptian relics.

Stating both her persona and artistic style as intrinsically linked, it has been said the artist is “…full of optimism and sunny vibrations which are transcribed into intensely colourful illustrations, prints and paintings.”

Marine has been working for various clients all over the world, including The New York Times, Lacoste, Penguin and Dior for over a decade as well as exhibiting her studio work in various galleries, including the Hashimoto Contemporary in New York.


2023 ‘Flower Power’ Group Exhibition, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Australia
2023 ‘Legion Projects’ Solo show, USA
2023 ‘Unity’ Group show, Smolensky Gallery, Manchester, UK
2023 ‘Floradise’ Group show, Marie-Jose Gallery, South Kensington, London, UK
2023 ‘The Affordable Art Fair UK’ Liberty Gallery, London, UK
2023 ‘Summer Freestyle’ Group Exhibition, Court Tree Collective, NY, US
2022 ‘Oxo Show’ Group show, Outset Gallery, Galway, Ireland
2022 ‘Director’s Choice’ Group show, 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia
2022 ‘The Affordable Art Fair UK’ Liberty Gallery, London, UK
2022 ‘Lush’ Group show with Madi, Anna Valdez, Laura Berger
2022 ‘Rizzo’ Hashimoto Contemporary, New York, USA
2021 ‘Salade’ Solo show, Prescription Art, Brighton, UK
2021 ‘Oh So Still’ Solo show, Meiklejohn Gallery, Lewes, UK
2019 ‘Lunacy’ Group show, Prescription Art, Brighton, UK
2019 ‘Women Imprinted’ Group show, HClub Gallery, London, UK
2019 ‘Look At This’ Group show, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, UK
2018 ‘All You Need Is Love’ Group show, Sergeant Paper, Paris, France
2018 ‘Art Republic Yard Sale’ Group show, Art Republic Gallery, Brighton, UK
2018 ‘Plant Life’ Group show, The Art Cave Gallery, Santa Cruz, USA
2017 ‘Editions’ Private Press Group show, Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, UK
2017 ‘London Design Fair’ !00% Design show, Granary Square, London, UK
2016 ‘Glug’ Group show, Pattern, Brighton, UK
2016 ‘Fourplay’ Group show, Boxpark in Shoreditch, London, UK
2016 ‘Fourplay’ Group show, Unlimited Gallery, Brighton, UK
2015 ‘Hello & Snow’ Solo Show, Sergeant Cotton, Paris, France
2015 ‘Soma 10th Birthday’ Group show, Soma Gallery, Bristol, UK
2014 ‘The Art of Ping Pong’ Group show, Beach London, London, UK
2014 ‘Pick Me Up’ Group show, Sommerset House, London, UK
2013 ‘Welcome Aboard’ Group show, Sergeant Paper, Paris, France
2013 ‘Pick Me Up’ Group show, Sommerset House, London, UK
2010 ‘Freak Show’ Group Show, St Peters Church, Brighton, UK
2010 ‘Glug’ Group show, Brighton, UK
2010 ‘A TO B’ Group show, Boxbird Gallery, Brighton, UK



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