Artist Biography

Gabo Valenzuela, based in Taytay Rizal, Philipines, is a Pop Surrealist art. The artist’s subjects are often whimsical and fanciful intending to convey a unique perspective of the cartoonistic movement in art.

The artist hints at the influence of cubism in these works, in the distinctive interpretation of faces. Valenzuela’s use of colour, while still diverse and evocative, is less offensive than applications used elsewhere in current contemporary art, where contrast and opposition often seem the goal.  Rather, the artist’s work is significantly toned down with grounding pigments like sage, navy and brown providing refuge from the dynamism of some extrapolations of the style, all while retaining the youthful edge that Cartoonism is synonymous with.

Valenzuela states, “My character ‘Obags’ emerged from my childhood. It’s my name in reverse, a nickname used by my friends. Obags’ journey is a reflection of my own, tailored to maximum escapism. Through Obags I explore my travel hobbies, visiting places that I couldn’t go to in real life. My artwork is like a portal (to) a fantastical realm. Here I invite the viewer to take a journey with me.”

As an emerging artist, Gabo Valenzuela has exhibited primarily in his native Philippines in both group and solo shows.  The artist’s work adds to the depth of contemporary talent represented here at the gallery.


2024 ‘Contact Details’ Group Show, Modeka Art, Philippines
2023 Group Show, The Grey Space, Philippines
2023 ‘Nemesis’ Group Show, Gallery Sort Of, Philippines
2023 ‘In Retrospect’ Group Show, M Gallery Mnl, Philippines
2023 ‘Caution’ Solo Show, Secret Fresh, Philippines
2022 ‘Visayas Art Fair’, Philippines



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