Christopher Lees ethereal landscapes elude the gamut of reality, and not merely because they are in fact works of fiction.  It is the capturing of both the essence and various facets of Australia’s natural composition that make the regional Victorian artists work so eerily “out of this world.”

Lees’ adeptly awes the viewer with his depictions of plunging cliff faces, mossy islands and littered mountainsides morphing into gigantic iridescent animals, and he does so with the cunning of a well-rehearsed pic-pocket. His paintings are no more surprising as they are convincing that the monolithic amalgamations of flora and fauna merge so seamlessly that they appear to be a recounting of fact rather than fiction.

It has been said that “Lees captures the sacred essence of natural forms with a fluidity and mastery of technique.” Indeed, Lee harvests memories from his day-to-day dealings in and with the natural landscape that he later references. Lees’ process is uncomplicated, neigh “old-school”, from sketch (to establish composition) then onto canvas for painting, a simple process that directly opposes the complexity of the work it produces; landscapes that are distillations of both the ancient and supernatural.

Quite the enigma, Lee manages to turn the gnarly into something beautiful. As Lees explains; “Although I have travelled to many places in Australia, the paintings don’t depict a specific place…The Australian landscape is an enigma of nature’s imagination. I try to illustrate this concept in my paintings. In my canvasses no picturesque European gardens or manicured lawns are in evidence, but gnarly, craggy, primeval escarpments that plummet into the abyss. The landforms are not easily accessible, viewed only by floating on the deep black liquid with no floor, or birdlike, hovering over this strange land in a dreamlike trance. There are no sounds, no winds or signs of life, but fragments of familiar motifs such as boulders, trees and occasionally fence lines that suggest enigmatic past habitations. I try to represent the Australian bush with emotions that can’t be written down. I want the viewer to feel alone, at peace, and privileged to behold this surreal landscape”.

Lee’s is an accomplished artist having held numerous sell-out shows over twenty years. He has been represented in Galleries in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Demand for the artist’s work is now driven by overseas and local collectors. Lees’s work is currently represented in numerous significant private and corporate collections in Australia, Asia, U.S.A, Europe and the U.K.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 “Headspace”, Harvey Galleries, Sydney

2022 “Fragments”, Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne

2022 “Habitat” Harvey Galleries Sydney

2021 “Cloud trip” Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2021 “Rock Candy” Harvey Galleries Sydney

2020 “Ancient Summer” Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2019 “Un-discovery” Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2019 “Transfigure”, Harvey Galleries, Sydney

2018 “Group Show” Margaret River Gallery WA

2017 “Group Show” Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2017 Trevor Victor Hervey gallery, Seaford Sydney

2016 “Recent Work” Harvey Galleries Sydney

2015 “Vision of Solus”, Redsea Gallery Brisbane

2014 “Recent Paintings” Libby Edwards Galleries

2014 “Exhibition WA”, Gadfly Gallery Perth 2013

2012 Recent Paintings, Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne

2011  Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney pop-up show, 21 October – 5 November

2011 “New Surrealist paintings” Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2010 “Recent Landscapes”, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2009 “Recent Landscapes”, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2008 “Recent Landscapes”, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2008 “Recent Landscapes”, Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane

2007 “Coldsnap”, Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney

2007 Libby Edwards Galleries in Hong Kong

2006 Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney

2005 “Australian Landscapes”, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2004 “Recent Landscapes”, Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney

2002 Libby Edwards Galleries, Sydney

2001 Libby Edwards Galleries, Sydney

2001 Libby Edwards Galleries, South Yarra

2000 Libby Edwards Galleries, South Yarra

2000 Libby Edwards Galleries, South Yarra

1999 Libby Edwards Galleries, Portsea

1998 Libby Edwards Galleries, South Yarra



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