Born and raised in the monotonous Berlin neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg in the 1980s, surrounded by shades of gray and consumption restrictions, Christoph Rymon’s life took a turn in the 1990’s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Overwhelmed by the colours and smells of this new era, Rymon embraced the burgeoning world of western consumption and was mesmerized by the icons of the moment.

After studying audio engineering, Christoph Rymon worked for several years as a musician and producer, achieved more than 10 million streams on Spotify and played at various festivals around the world. Disappointed with the limited creative possibilities of the music world, he found in painting a way to tell unique and different stories to art lovers without having to please millions of people. The influence of music on his canvases is fundamental. Musical hooks, repeats and lyrics of songs or big hits are part of a special fantasy that combines his love of art with his passion for music.

His work captures his lost childhood memories and immortalizes the desires and longings he had as a child, a colourful universe where the viewer can play and immerse themselves in a utopic colourful world.

“I would like to be a character in Tintin, The Wizard of Oz or Back to the Future; I would discover lost treasures and islands, or race to the stars and discover a new galaxy there with my friends,” Rymon states. “That’s why all my characters come from another imaginary universe where everything is colourful and everyone is happy”.

Rymon has exhibited his work in iconic artistic cities around the world including Madrid, London, New York and Paris participating in both solo and group shows. He has been described as “an emerging artist whose (painted) stories are like watching a romantic movie at a vintage drive-in” Cristoph Rymon is an artist whose delightful and distinctive style is set to embark the frontier of international collectorship. In 2023 Rymon  expanded his creative prowess to partner with Silbon to design a clothing collection.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 “Don’t Grow Up” Solo Exhibition at WE COLLECT Gallery, Madrid

2023 Group Show, Gallery Zberro, Paris

2022 Solo Exhibition at WE COLLECT Gallery, Madrid

2022 Group exhibition, Circle of none, London

2022 Edition at Guy Hepner Editions, New York

2022 Estampa Art Fair Madrid / Solo Booth, WE COLLECT Gallery, Madrid

2022 Group exhibition, Gallery Geraldine Zberro, Paris



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