Artist Biography

Attilio Esposito (Italy, 1983) is a Contemporary visual artist whose works aim to create suspended images in the embryonic state. Attilio builds a personal link between abstraction and stylistic academia painting, condensing movements, lights and colours through the metaphysic theatre of the canvas.

Attilio Esposito is a poet. Poets settle in ambiguity, with awareness of their own intentions yet with acceptance of individual interpretation of them.

At first glance, Esposito’s work fits neatly into the character of surrealism, however the artists own referral to his work as abstractions places an entirely new spin on its meaning.

Esposito states, “Plasticine allows me to have the complete freedom on the final image and above all to create primitive shapes that belong to everyone.” The embryonic form his subjects take strips them down to essential elements; representations of internal organs and original iconography, revealing the expression these elements might take under the influence of various emotional or cognitive states. Using plasticine as symbol to demonstrate wringing, writhing and to manipulate allows him limitless suppositions as to the effect modern life has on human physiology. It is honest work that shares a curiosity for control and coersion in the inanimate that is unavailable in life.

Attilio Esposito’s work is influenced by many artists from Pontormo, Tiepolo, Bernini, Rubens to Kandinsky, Malevich, Mirò, amongst others. Attilio is also often inspired from simple walks in the park or in supermarkets. He has showed extensively throughout the world, such as, China, Amsterdam, Germany, Lebanon, Bologna and Milan.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 “A Place In The Sun” Group Show, Fir Gallery, Beijing, China

2022 “Transmutations”, Group Show, Marian Cramer Project Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2022 “XY”, Group Show, Rundgænger Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany

2022 “Instagram Live”, Group Show, 19karen Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia

2022 “Return To Mysticism”, Group Show, Hasbrook Gallery, The Web

2022 “Genuine Rhythm”, Group Show, Août Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2021 “Paint Doh”, Group Exhibition, Curated By Sasha Bogojev At Marian Cramer Projects

Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2011 “Another Story. Italian Art: From The 1980s Through The Dawn Of The 21st Century” Edoardo

Di Mauro, Group Show, Spazio Sansovino Arte Contemporanea; Printed Catalogue EMB

2007 “Premio Nazionale Delle Arti 2007”, Group Exhibition, The Fine Art Academy Of Bologna,


2007“Primaverile Romana”, Group Show At The ARGAM Circuit Gallery, Rome

2006 “Una Mano Per AIL 2006”, Group Show And Charity Auction, Christie’s, Metropolitan

Foundation, Milan

2006 “Figurazione 2002-2004”, Group Exhibition, Antonio Battaglia Gallery, Milan;

2006 “Artewan”, Artist’s Bowl, Group Exhibitions In Italy And Japan At Fukagawa Seiji Showrooms

2006 “Le Maschere Del Teatro”, Solo Show, Lavello Shrine, Calolziocorte (LC);

2005 “Quattro Proposte Di Pittura Under 30” (Four Painting Proposals Under 30), Group Show, Antonio Battaglia Gallery, Milano

2005 “Una Mano Per AIL 2005”, Group Show And Charity Auction, Christie’s Metropolitan

Foundation, Milan

2005 “Una Goccia D’acqua”, Group Show, Gabriele Cappelletti Gallery, Milan

2005 “Artisti Per Le Ande”, Group Show, Melesi Gallery, Lecco

2004 “MACROPITTURA”, Solo Show, Antonio Battaglia Gallery, Milan

2004 Exhibition Inside “Miart2004”, Antonio Battaglia Gallery’s Stand, Milan

2004 Academy Group Show “SALON PRIMO”, Milan

2003 “Arte” Prize, Mondadori, Group Exhibition At Permanente, Milan



2007 University Degree In Painting, Fine Art Academy Of Brera, Milan.

2001 Art Diploma


Grants And Award

2003 “Arte” Mondadori, First Place And Academy Prize

2006 Arte Wan, Second Place, Fukagawa Seiji Showroom, Milan




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