Acidum Project is a dynamic Brazilian collective from Fortaleza-Ce City. It was created in 2006, by Tereza and Robézio alias AC / D1. Their work showcases large and colourful murals on the themes of knowledge and humanity.

Acidum celebrates the experimentalist genre through a mycelium of urban art including, murals, graffiti, design, stencilwork, audio visual projects and exhibitions. The duo plays with vivid colour to imbue the vitality of contemporary life in their pieces applied brashly to obscure characters and graphic patterns. They subvert the notion of space creating art that may be initially viewed as sterile, but with discerned engagement can be seen as an interweaving of idiosyncratic symbols and experiences that produces a decipherable image.

In Montreal, the duo left their colourful mark on the local landscape through their collaboration with the 2016 edition of the MURAL festival. REMIX is the second part of this joint exhibition, featuring the works of 12 artists hailing from Belgium, Spain, Germany, the UK, the US, and Canada. Of that project it was said, “(the contributing artists) mixing different influences, objects or references, each artist uses different techniques and materials, skewing their original meaning to create new combinations of different systems, often borrowing from Art History.”

Acidum Project has exhibited extensively in Brazil, as well as Canada, France, London and Rio De Janeiro. Their contribution to the cultural framework of Brazil is vast and has successfully added to the art culture narrative of the urban landscape there to high acclaim. In 2021 Acidum Project featured in Egyptian Newspaper Ootmista regarding seven public Murals they completed over two months throughout the Middle East including Cairo and Lebanon. In 2022 the ‘Art Series Acidum’, an international mural series the collective conceived commenced in Sofia Bulgaria followed by Paris France. In the same year the duo launched a collaboration with fellow Cearan creative clothing designer Parko, bringing their cultural and vivid elemental to the fashion streets. The pair continue to infuse the sensory modernity of travel and the historical undertones of their culture to inform both their studio work and urban art.



2022 Matrixes in a Plot, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
2017 Exposição Caligrama na Galeria Contemporarte, Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2016 Exposição Acidum Project + Remix na Galerie C.O.A, Montreal, CANADA
2015 Exposição “Tudoaomesmotempo”, Vila das Artes, Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2015 Exposição “Acidum Project” no Espaço Cultural dos correios, Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2015 XVIII Unifor Plástica – Curadoria: Ivo Mesquita, Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2015 Evento LeMur, Paris, FRANCE
2015 Festival Porto Latino, Córsega, FRANCE
2015 “L’arbre de la vie” mural, Evry, FRANCE
2015 EuropeTrip ações mural, Festival City Leaks , Körl, GERMANY
2014 Exposição “Assíduo” Acidum, ArtRua 2014, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2014 Exposição “Resíduo” Acidum Barchef, Recife, BRAZIL
2013 Exposição Coletiva “Artrua” Acidum no Instituto Rua, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2013 Feira Internacional de Arte Contemporânea “Artrio” Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2012 Exposição “Gesto Amplificado” no Centro Cultural da Caixa, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2012 Exposição Coletiva “Tear” no Centro Cultural da Juventude Ruth Cardoso, São Paulo, BRAZIL
2012 Exposição “Soma” Acidum no Espaço Cultural A Casa do Cachorro Preto, Olinda, BRAZIL
2011 Exposição do “3º Braziliality” Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, LONDON
2011 Exposição “Eco Barroco” CCBNB, Fortaleza, BRAZIL


2017 Festival CURA, Circuito Urbano de Arte, Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL
2017 Festival Street River, Belém, Ilha do Cumbo Ilha do Cumbo, BRAZIL
2016 Mural da Embaixada do Brasil no Cabo Verde, Praia, WEST AFRICA
2016 Mural Acidum + Redley Ipanema Walls, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2016 Mural Pandora, Museu da Fotografia Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2016 Mural “Senhora dos tempos” Washington, USA
2016 Projeto 20x21EUG Mural Project, Eugene, Oregon, USA
2016 Mural: “Sidewalk Games (and Kindness)”, “Jogo de Calçada (e Gentilezas)”, Mural Festival, Montreal, CANADA
2016 Painel Acidum na ‪#‎MostraCulturalSR‬‬,Recife, BRAZIL
2016 Projeto “Street River”, Belém do Pára, BRAZIL
2014 III Feira do Livro Ceará em Cabo Verde na IV Feira Mundial da Palavra, Cabo Verde, AFRICA
2014 Festival “Wynwood Arts District”, Miami, USA
2014 Projeto “Sete Sois Sete Luas” na Tapera das Artes, Aquiraz, BRAZIL
2014 Festival “Reduto Walls”, Belém, BRAZIL
2014 Projeto Grande Área, Edição Salvador 2014, Minc e Funarte, BRAZIL
2014 Projeto “Jockey Club Arte Urbana, Instituto Rua, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2014 Projeto Verticalismo, Paineis Sesc Pinheiros, São Paulo, BRAZIL
2013 Paineis e Ações nas ruas, Feira do Palavra e 2° Feira do Livro do Ceará em Cabo Verde, AFRICA
2012 Painel “Teseu” (ou quem tem medo de careta?) na ArtRio ACIDUM, Galeria Progetti, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2012 Paineis “Criatura Da Noite” Night Graffiti, São Paulo, BRAZIL
2011 Painel “O Elefante E O Cubo” Intervenção no MAC, Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Ceara – Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, BRAZIL
2011 Expo 60 anos Salão de Abril, BRAZIL
2010 SAUB – Semana de Arte Urbana do Benfica, Fortaleza, BRAZIL


2023 Artist Residency, Eritage Art Projects, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
2023 Propheticos, first of Acidum Art Series, Sofia, BULGARIA
2022 Mural, Ethiopia, SOUTH AFRICA
2021 Private Granosgranitos Portico Mural, PORTUGAL
2021 Public Mural, LEBANON
2021 Public Mural, EGYPT
2016 Laboratório Acidum, Centro Cultural Brasil, Cabo Verde, Praia, BRAZIL
2016 Oficina de Stencil Acidum, Mostra Cultural, Recife, BRAZIL
2015 Exposição AcidumProject Espaço Cultural do Correios, Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2015 Projeto “Açoes de Artes Acidum” North Shopping, Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2014 Laboratório Acidum, SESC Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
2014 Residência Artística Olinda/Recife, BRAZIL
2012 Contemplada no IIIV Edital Ceará de Incentivo às Artes com o Projeto de Pesquisa “Babélicos” Acidum, Secult
2012 Laboratório Acidum no Mamam do Pátio, Recife, BRAZIL
2011 Lançamento Livro/Obra Acidum “Entregue Às Moscas” Fortaleza, BRAZIL
2011 Laboratório Acidum na Galeria de Arte do SESC, Cariri, BRAZIL
2011 3º Fora do Eixo “Projeto Ciclocor” (Acidum), Intervenção Urbana, Fortaleza/Ceará, BRAZIL
2011 62 ° Salão de abril “Projeto Ciclocor” FlashMob, Intervenção Urbana, – Fortaleza/Ceará, BRAZIL
2011 2º “Além Da Rua” Fortaleza/Cariri, BRAZIL



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