Sarah Dolby

The Lady Of Lafayette


Oil on aluminium panel

50 x 50 cm


When approaching these sister paintings I found it almost impossible to separate the Bitter and Sweet completely as I they are so intertwined.

The ‘Bitter’ piece ‘The Girl With the Lost Dreams’ portrays a woman standing before, yet being part of, a large painting of a stormy sea filled with discarded dreams. You can see though, that the dreams are ever so slightly, still tethered to her giving a remaining hope to either fulfilling those dreams of finding peace with the loss. 

The ‘Sweet’ painting depicts a woman standing in a sanctuary of sorts inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans. [ and a very wet walk around Lafayette Cemetery] ‘Lady Lafayette’ finds peace amongst the beauty of this sanctuary but also finds herself unknowingly bound by it. Maybe we shouldn’t become to complacent when saturated by sweet.

$5250 AUD

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