Harold Munoz

Harmonie Du Soir


Oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm


I try to compose images of strange beauty, alchemy of sweetness and melancholy exalted thoughts.
Give the common a high sense, to the finished the appearance of infinity. The women leave quietly,
languid, so pale and so beautiful that their flesh becomes transparent blue.
I would like to express this very personal vision of beauty because it makes me think of the fragility of
The technique makes no sense to me that when it serves sensibility, has passions when it is capable
of translating desires, ecstasies and individual vortices. Why love, why die, what to feel, feel or breathe
if it is not or cannot be eternal? If everything is only “vanity of vanities, vapour of vapours,” Then why not
sublimate all the ephemeral of life; why not transform them into eternal beauty?
The man not only to be alive, he wants to live, the aesthetic sense as the moral sense. Therefore, it
reflects the conditions in which they want to live, is why it is not just a living, but a living person … and sometimes, looking at ourselves in the most sensitive and the most beautiful mirror, we get closer the
truth about ourselves.

$5500 AUD

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