Kirsten Stingle

Bubble Burst


Hand built porcelain with over 20 layers of ceramic underglazes, slips and stains. Mixed Media: Vintage tufting needles, Italian glass orbs, industrial mastic, paint

Approx 35.5 x 40.5 x 15 cm


Good/bad, win/loss, strong/weak, bitter/sweet: These are seemingly dichotomous elements in which we prescribe opposing value. One we seek, the other we deride and avoid. The idea that we can live with one and not the other is an illusion. Rather than antithetical, these are the precious ingredients that give life its flavor. It is only when these conflicting ingredients are most exquisitely blended—enhanced by time, circumstance, and experience—do they reveal that life’s fragility is what gives it meaning. This fragility seasons the smallest personal moments as well as overarching concepts of existence, such as freedom, love and justice. “Bubble Burst” savors the essential fusion of the bitter and sweet in our life and asks us to be mindful of the balance.

$4200 AUD

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