Edith Lebeau

Au plus profond d’elle même


Acrylic and ink on cradled wood panel

50.8 x 50.8 cm


For the Bitter / Sweet exhibition I created two pieces inspired by the theme of the show but I wanted to do a continuity of my most recent body of work inspired by fears, dark emotions and learning to live with that darkness, accepting our fragilities, and ultimately emerging stronger. So I went with the contrast of the dark for the piece “Au plus profond d’elle-même” and the light for the piece “The night she faced the outside world”. Both pieces are about mostly the fear of the outside world from the perspective of someone facing social anxiety or agoraphobia. The first one is about the feeling of comfort from being inside your cocoon. It brings a sense of protection but it also leads to a feeling of being prisoner of that cocoon. The second one is about the feeling of hope. The feeling a person dealing with social anxieties gets when they finally get out of their cocoon and face the world and for once it feels great.

$1900 AUD

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