Acrylic on linen

40 x 40 cm

All of this time.
It’s only a matter of time.
Before this flame in me is extinguished.
Its only a matter of time
Before this day becomes night.
Before this feeling is gone.
A new one arrives and this minute
I loved you so deeply
Once. Replaced by the tiredness
That is living and working.
Its was only a matter of time
Before my eyes forgot
What you looked like the first time
What the first time felt like
What thoughts I could not dismiss
It’s only a matter of time
I try and catch time and thoughts.
Looking for new ways to quantify them.
Looking for new ways to hold them.
To hold thoughts in time.
The science of this.
I can’t understand.
To transcend time and space and
Maybe distance.
To lose a body.
Maybe that is just death.
Before then, before death
I want to live in every minute,
In every hour, with all of this time.

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