Patrick Oudin

Represented Artist

Patrick Oudin

Represented Artist

Patrick Oudin is a French born artist, now based in the Gold Coast. Oudin’s work portrays dream like figures, depicting his own experiences and feelings of happiness and torment, projecting both consciousness and unconsciousness in his work.

With a unique style, reminiscent of stained glass imagery, Oudin certainly offers uniqueness and piece of himself in every painting.





A real difficulty is to write on its own painting and yet….my own studio is a place, a space to practice writing otherwise.
Without a word, in my venture, l paint dreams, silence, my torments. This is especially inside my journey as a solo traveler.
i am working on this recurring theme for me, painting what cannot be seen, what cannot be said.
Conscious, unconscious….
For me, to say is saying again? Sublimate with lines, gesture, by areas of shadow and light.
Reaching to uncode, to understand, may be just a despair behind itself, the solo traveleur facing his destiny.
Go forward, watch, work again and again, facing its dullest terrors, Translate unanswered questions with what is called painting.
Later my journey brought me to a series of canvasses on which collages took place.
Paint, always acrylic, has changed support from canvas to paper, and drew me to a lighter palette as well as inks.
Chinese ink and acrylic occupy space and consist of tangled hieroglyphics, like roots clawing and gripping the sky.
Art exude echoes and build bridges to other worlds.
Up to the artist to accept it.


2016 Happy – Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast QLD AUSTRALIA
2015 Retrospective – Solo Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, QLD AUSTRALIA
2014 TOGETHER – Group Show, 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, QLD AUSTRALIA
2012-2013 Illustration Group, Pocharde exhibition
2012-2013 Group Exhibition, Ibidem Temporary Artspace
2012 Axiome Contemporary Art,  Brussells, BELGUIM
2002 Tree Frog Gallery, Melany, QLD, AUSTRALIA
2002 Lighthouse Gallery Noosa Harbour, QLD, AUSTRALIA
2002 Castiglione Gallery, Paris, FRANCE
2002 Art Space Gallery Saint Remy de Provence, FRANCE
2002 Fernandez Gallery, Bordeaux, FRANCE
2002 Roger Betti Gallery, Toulouse, FRANCE
2000 Paris, FRANCE
1994 Galerie d’art Naïf  (French representative), Morges, SWITZERLAND
1985- 1995 Le Grand Palais, Paris, FRANCE
1980-1986,1992, 2000 French Artist Salon Lions Club from Paris, FRANCE
1987,1999.2000 Salon des Artists Meridionaux, FRANCE
1984.1985 Aca Orientaliste Salon, Toulouse, FRANCE

Private collections

Australia, USA (world vision), Japan (Osaka, Kobe), New Zealand, Spain, Germany, U, France, Switzerland

Donation:  “Beyond Puberty Blues Mental Illness Fundraising 2013″


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