Artist biography

Leonardo Guglielmi, born in Venice, Italy, is educated in Classical Art.  The artist has lived in Lisbon, Portugal, Washington DC in the US, and he is now based in Guangzhou, China, a plethora of experience in culture that is imbued in his work. Guglielmi’s work depicts a rebellion of academia, a breaking of the very rules that were taught to him yet did not resonate with his fluid and interpretive style. This is expressed in the uncommon subjects the artists hones as his protagonists.

Regardless of subjectivity, Guglielmi often distorts or skews depiction of them so that they are “just a little off” to the trained eye. However, to the naturally present eye, his work is provocative and feeds a deep seeded recognition of something both decidedly familiar and wildly ethereal.

Using techniques that aim for distorted proportions, canons and perspective, an uneasy feeling of unrest and ambiguity abounds.  His work is indeed stirring, eliciting something that beckons inquisitive engagement. Guglielmi utilises modern and contemporary aspects of life into his works, playing on themes of pop culture including selfies, fashion, and tattoo.

Of his work, the artist states that his intention is, “to create a conversation between tradition and present realities that continue to evolve within society”. A foundation that has buoyed successful contemporary art for centuries.

As an establishing artist whose star is firmly on the rise, Leonardo Guglielmi has projects planned in 2022 including an exhibition in London in February, and a digital showing in Berlin later in the year.



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