Based in Barcaldine in Western Queensland, Jayde Chandler lives on a sheep and cattle property which has deepened her connection with Australia’s harsh but incredibly beautiful landscape.  Combined with her passion for bold joyful colour, this affinity results in an idiosyncratic interpretation her surroundings which translates to her multilayered and textural abstract expressions.

Chandler also draws inspiration from her childhood memories, creating an amalgam of imagery that is both organic and wistful. She states, “Each piece tells a story of a place I have lived in or have visited and loved.  From a shaded, gum lined gully at the back of the property to the hinterland of Byron Bay I try to capture the feeling associated to a place more than its physical representation.”

With a focus on how imperfection paradoxically creates perfection, Jayde endeavours to highlight every undulation using a combination of resources including palette knives, brush strokes, and the tactility of her fingers.  At the centre of every piece is her own visceral expression of her surroundings, which aims to inspire joy.

Chandler has exhibited as a solo artist and in group shows across Australia.


2020 Solo Exhibition, Wild Canary Art, Brisbane AUS

2020 Inverell Art Gallery Contemporary Art Exhibition, NSW AUS