Huntoland (Italy)

International Artist

Huntoland (Italy)

International Artist

Born in South Italy, Renato Hunto – ‘Huntoland’ – developed a love for the art world at a very young age.

With a strong cubist inspiration, Huntoland depicts images of love, sex and almost naked bodies with themes of eroticism and human relationships while not losing touch with his graffiti background.



Renato Hunto (Huntoland) was born in 1982, in Brindisi, South Italy.
He developed a love for art world at very early age.
Starting to do graffiti in 1996 under the name “Hunto”, the artist has been going throught different periods of characters painting styles.
During his first steps, Hunto was inspired by the works of Picasso and Braque. He then moved towards Cubism and created his orginal characters style that is well known around the streets in his country.
With this original style, his pieces have been published in various specialised magazines and brought him to national and international events in Italy and Europe.
In 2004, the artist moved to Rome to develop his art career.
His first exhibition in Brindisi was held at the “Aleandrew Show” in 2006 with other international graffiti writers. Since then, Hunto started bringing his style from streets into canvas and producing different works while always maintain as strong street artist.
In the range of those works, Hunto was invited to paint at Rebibbia Prison with other well known graffiti writers in Rome in 2008.
Later the same year, Hunto moved to London and continues presenting his typical characters around the city and take a part in collective shows until his first solo shows in London from 2009.
Currently based in UK the artist continues painting around the streets of different countries and to be a part of various collectives with other international artists.


My art comes from a Graffiti background.
I loves depicting images of love, sex and almost naked bodies with touching themes of eroticism and the human relationship.
Most of the artworks have a strong cubist inspiration and are influenced from artists such as Picasso certainly because he was one of my first (and only) books I flipped through during my childhood.
Strong colours and bold shapes accompany the eros topics behind my artworks.


2015 Collective Show “Underground” with GraffitiStreet, London ENGLAND
2014 External wall decoration for “IBIS” Hotel, Palermo ITALY
2014 Commission for “Busaba Eathai” Restaurants, London ENGLAND
2014 Collective Show “GraffitiStreet Launch Event”, London ENGLAND
2014 Artist at “MOPA” Museum Of Public Art, Louisiana,USA
2014 Collective Show “Art in my mouth” Mooseyart Gallery, Norwich ENGLAND
2013 “Huntoland”,Solo Show Roktic Shop Gallery, London ENGLAND
2013 Perfomance at “Blue Ball Festival” SWITZERLAND
2013 “Bella mia” Solo show,Cre8Gallery, London ENGLAND
2013 Collective Show “Urban Triangle” Milan ITALY
2012 Collective “Intro” Espai D’art Poblenou, Barcelona SPAIN
2009 Collective show,Rare Kind Gallery, London ENGLAND
2009 “The Graffiti Cubist” Solo show, London ENGLAND
2008 Performance in “Rebibbia Prison”, Rome ITALY
2007 Aleandrew show, Spazio Espositivo Artefice, Brindisi ITALY


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