Born in Jena, Germany, Danny has lived and worked in Berlin since 2004. He studied a Diploma in Graphic Design at the College of Stuttgart in 1999 but a year after starting turning toward fine art. As an autodidact, Danny works across painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, with subtle balances in style also found in his street art. His works explore the concept of balancing abstract and concrete, conceptual and figurative.

It is an old tradition to study mysterious entities, their meanings and powers. Their impact on the visible and the invisible is what inspires Danny Gretscher in his work as well as his urge to consciously get closer than us humans usually do to what is the origin of things. Danny Gretscher´s work consits of elements that are often reduced and mostly not clearly seperated from each other. In being at the same time abstract and concrete they generate atmospheric visual worlds that are without time and space. (Rosa Gibbs, 2011)

Standing in front of a Gretscher is to be enchanted. It comes replete with its own vocabulary, a constellation of symbols, characters and seeming allegories that describe a wholly original world that simultaneously reveals a refraction, often subtle sometimes stark, of our own. This language has layered, and found further intricacy over the past decade, but the core abstracted figures have remained totemic, with all the power the word infers. I see travellers, heroes, lovers and the occasional villain. I see gods – minor, apex, and more recently avian, all radiating, in dialogue with, Gretscher’s ready, unique thesaurus. From one angle tantalisingly mysterious conversations, from the next, completely identifiable to the human story.  Even the literal titles keep reflecting new interpretation as you turn them over in your mouth. For me his pieces bristle with the unfathomable magic of the Shakespearean canon: at once unparalleled and humanist. His colour, his organic delicacy, his mighty and meek symbols, all smack of an incredible story, of lasting drama. – Toby Schmitz



2018 There is Enough Light, C.O.A Galerie, Montreal CANADA
2014 Demons Danced on Feathers Leaves Laugh in the Air,, Stuttgart GERMANY
2013 Loud Like Nature , Walden-Kunstausstellungen, Berlin GERMANY
2013 So Black is Blue, Private Artist Residency Berlin Mitte Germany
2012 Silence is a Rhythm Too, Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlin GERMANY
2011 Den Titel Habe Ich Vergessen, Die Geister Aber Haben Ihn Gehort – I forgot the Title But the Spirits Heard It.’, Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlin GERMANY
2010 What Does it Mean to be Human?, Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlin GERMANY
2009 Tell Me What You Saw, Supalife Kiosk, Berlin GERMANY
2009 Stored Memories, Walden-Kunstausstellungen, Berlin GERMANY
2008 Die Farbe Ist Gelb – The Colour is Yellow, Supalife Kiosk, Berlin GERMANY
2007 I have Heard She Lost Her Wooden Arm, Miss Hecker, Berlin GERMANY


2020 Alter Ego Group Show, The Unit London, London ENGLAND
2019 Chroma Summer Group Show, Rhodes Contemporary art, London ENGLAND
2019 Sculpted, The Blue House, Mullumbimby NSW AUSTRALIA
2018 Scope Miami Beach with Galeria COA, Miami USA
2017 What The Weekend Is Gallery, Curated by The Art Union, Gallery Weekend, Berlin GERMANY
2017 East West Berlin, ATM Gallery, Berlin GERMANY
2016 Bloom Art Fair, Cologne GERMANY
2016 HAPPY Group Exhibition, 19 KAREN, Gold Coast, QLD AUSTRALIA
2015 One Studio Five Artists Three Works, Studio Hermann Hase, Berlin GERMANY
2014 Titel 172 – Prahlerei Ist Die Beste Ausrede Auf Dem Acker, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin GERMANY
2012 Rebels Ahead, Die Kunstagentin, Cologne, GERMANY
2011 A Momentary Stay Against Confusion, Horton Gallery, Berlin GERMANY
2010 3 Exhibition, Pure Evil London Newcastle Project Space, London ENGLAND
2010 Skalitzer’s Gallery Showcase, Skalitzers Contemporary Art & Stroke.03, Berlin GERMANY
2008 Urban Feedback, Alte Markthalle, Basel SWITZERLAND
2007 Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg GERMANY
2007 Siebdruckrohkultur, Neurotitan Gallery Berlin GERMANY
2006 Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg GERMANY
2004 Ein Freund der Familie, 2 Reiterkaserne, Stuttgart GERMANY
2001 Ein Freund der Familie, 2 Reiterkaserne, Stuttgart GERMANY


2019 Vogue Paris
2019 Ralph Wood Residency, Byron School of Art, NSW, Australia
2018 Mural, Newtown AUSTRALIA
2018 Mural, Habitat – Byron Bay AUSTRALIA
2017 Mural, Byron Bay AUSTRALIA
2017 This Corner Of The Earth Smiles At Me, Private Art Residency and Exhibition, Chippendale, Sydney AUSTRALIA
2016 Mural, Stuttgart GERMANY
2016 Mural, Wategos Beach – Byron Bay AUSTRALIA


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