Bijijoo (moniker for Michael Todd “B” Horne) is a self-taught painter living in Oregon USA, who expresses emotions and concepts through the visual artistic depiction of monsters. Bijijoo has a PhD in biophysics and the influence of this vocation may indeed challenge the view that his subjects are monsters at all. Biophysics is a vibrant scientific field where skills are applied to explore and develop new tools for understanding how all life works, unsurprisingly then, the “monstrous creations” Bijijoo depicts in his work embody a cellular quality. By painting biological looking subjects, often adorned with limbs, eyes and arms, he gives personal character to what might well be the very building blocks of life. Is it possible that his background in biophysics has influenced the lens with which he sees the world? We invite you to see for yourself.

Bijijoo’s work draws on his technical background in math, science and computer programming, yet there is a juvenile aspect to his work that transforms the beastly into the childlike. The artist himself notes the influence of his young daughter’s imagination and her own love of monsters, in the current direction of his work.

In 2008 Bijijoo began painting several series of surrealist works, including The Presidential Ham, Celebrity Still Life, and The Arthropod Companion. His more recent body of work has moved away from surrealist portraiture to these surrealist abstractions, makings from the artists own imagination. They are expressive as they are obscure, challenging the way we experience our own internal reality. It is impossible to view Bijijioo’s work unaffected, whether you are viscerally called to it or away from it, it is undeniably moving. To be in the presence of his work is transfixing, provocative and challenging, pushing the boundaries of perception; as all good art should.


2020 Salt & Vinegar Group show, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

2020: Hot Paper supporting ACLU & Showhouse JayJay x Hot Paper, GIFC (Online).

2020 Showhouse JayJay #2 (Online).

2020 Showhouse JayJay (Online).

2020 Bijijoo – Monster, La Luz De Jesus Gallery (Online), Los Angeles, CA.

2020 Everything but the Kitschen Sync Group show, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

2019 BB Monster in Check Your Swoosh: Best Day Ever Group show, Gallery 135, Portland, OR.

2014 Sculptures by Scott Foster & Paintings by Bijijoo, Splendorporium, Portland, OR.

2013 Unnatural Histories II Group show, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR.

2013 Bugs, Holes, Heads, and How-tos Solo show, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR.

2013 Big Goose in Night of the Hunter Group show, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR.

2012 DO SOMETHING Group show, AFRU Gallery, Portland, OR.

2012 Bunko the Clown in Send in the Clowns Group show, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR.

2012 Still Life with Bob Ross in Happy Little Trees, Bob Ross Tribute Art Show Group show, Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland, OR.

2012 Maija and the Mantis in June Bugs Group show, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR.

2012 The Anthropod Companion Solo show, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR.

2012 The 100 Show Group show, Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR.

2011 The Celebrity Still Life Solo show, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR.

2011 Leonid Brezhnev in Underpants Group show, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR.

2011 The Bathing Clown in Life Underwater Group show, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR.

2011 The Presidential Ham Solo show, The Basil Hallward Gallery, Portland, OR.



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Featured on cover of the Portland Mercury, Vol. 12 No. 8

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