Axalah Wolf is an Australian, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. She’s an artist, writer and visionary, creating for self-expression and exploration of the soul.

Influenced by all stimuli; sound, memory, film and history, her arts practice is not bounded by a single genre or medium. She works predominantly with graphite and pencil, merging realistic techniques and photographic characteristics to create hyperrealistic illustrations inspired by Avant Garde couture. Balancing patience and perfection, she seeks depth within her art, fascinated by capturing vast detail.

Her abstract artworks are the representation of the mind and spoken from the soul, where she has ultimate freedom to explore the limitless possibilities upon the canvas. She co-exists between two artistic genres, having perfected a balance between creating hyper-realistic illustrations and expression art.

Her work is alluring, feminine and decidedly suggestive, with her subject detailing only that which is necessary to ignite the first fractals of story, allowing the personal imprint of the viewer to fan the flames. There is a sophistication to her style that is emphasised by charisma that can only be reserved by those who know intimately that true elegance can only be birthed from a pure and playful heart.

Wolf is a decorated achiever, including but not limited to her alumnus and ambassadorship of the Gold Coast’s Level Up Studio and Gallery and undertaking the emerging artist residency in 2020. She has co-curated two contemporary art exhibitions, Drawn and Alternative Energies, that both reached quick succession on the Gold Coast in 2021. She featured in the Lethbridge 20 000 Small Scale Art Awards in 2019 and was first prize winner in the Rotary Art Spectacular in 2014, both in Brisbane.


2020 – Level Up Studio + Gallery, Gold Coast, QLD – Alumnus & Ambassador


2021 – Moss Deck Art Show Charity Auction, Sydney, NSW

2021 – Dust Temple Nation Spring Launch, Gold Coast, QLD

2021 – Drawn, Gold Coast, QLD

2020 – Level Up Emerging Artist Residency Exhibition, Gold Coast, QLD

2019 – Lethbridge 20 000 Small Scale Art Awards, Brisbane, QLD

2019 – The d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, Gold Coast, QLD

2017 – Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Awards, Brisbane, QLD

2016 – Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane, QLD

2014 – (First Prize, Junior Winner) The d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, Gold Coast, QLD



2020 Level Up Studio + Gallery, Gold Coast, QLD

2006 – 2016 The Gold Coast Art School, Gold Coast, QLD



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