Anthony Bennett is an Australian artist born in Mackay, Queensland in 1966. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rome, Florence and London and has exhibited nationally in Australia and internationally.

Bennett’s work is indeed large, but it is the vulnerability embedded in the paint, beneath the artist’s signature resin finish, that calls out to be seen. It is undeniable. Immediate. Visceral. It is a rawness that is sensed, long before it is seen, an attribute that is conspicuously absent in the plethora of critique’s the world-renowned Australian artist’s work has been subject to.

Bennett’s work is no joke. Just ask Zac Efron who has Bennett’s 2005 portrait of The Joker in his personal collection. Australia’s very own Jennifer Hawkins and Jon Farris are other celebrities’ who have jumped on the Bennett train.

Throughout his career Bennett has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Rome and London, exhibiting extensively in Australia and internationally. He is a two-time Archibald Prize finalist, and a finalist in the Wynne, Sulman and Moran Prize’s.

Yes, he’s accomplished. Yes, the execution of his expression is damn-well near perfect. Yes, he’s idiosyncratic – making him highly collectable. You can spruik all the art theory in the world and make ostensible connections between various art movements and social narratives. But let’s be honest, what is art if it doesn’t make you feel something?



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